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Friday, January 29, 2016

Character 22 - Tawil Samir Daher

Quick of action, sharp intellect, and even sharper presence are the hallmarks of today’s randomly generated background. A Keleshite in Andoran, and of the upper class at that. One of the first things that had to be reconciled is that Andoran does not have a nobility per se. The title of Baron means nothing, so we had to look at Andoran’s government and change it a bit. As for class, I chose Swashbuckler; I think it fit quite well, but there is no random table for Hybrid classes, so nothing for me to roll on.

Tawil Samir Daher

To know the history of Tawil, is to know the history of his father, Qssim. A Kelesh family in Andoran stands out. One who has lived through the upheaval of the country even more so. To begin Tawil’s story, we start with the story of his father.

Andoran has long since been known as a land of freedom and opportunity. Although relations with many other countries are strained for fear that the Democratic ideas of the nation will wash through their peasantry, many of the foreign nationals who were in Andoran during the People’s Revolt remained. In the many years from then the families of these non-Taldane have become just as much a part of the realm as those who are. One such family are the Keleshite descended Dahers.

Qssim Daher came to Andoran as a merchant almost a decade before the People’s revolt in AR 4669; a young man in his early 20s and married to one of the mysterious desert dwelling elves that live in Qadira. He also brought with him his newborn daughter and heir to the Daher family line. Qssim set to build a place for himself here in these new lands as a grand tradesman.

The Keleshite set himself up well as a trader, with enough money from his well off family in Qarida and many contacts to bring in exotic goods. Although he began with money and began to amass more, Qssim never did so on the backs of anyone else. His sense of personal work ethic and his perceived duty from Sarenrae to look out for the wellbeing of others made him popular among the lower class and peasantry.

When the People’s Revolt happened, Qssim didn’t hesitate for a moment to join the side of those fighting for equality. Although much of his wealth was spared from angry mobs, the Kelesh man lost something far more important. While hiding some of the rebels, the noble guard found out and stormed the Daher holding searching for them. Qssim’s wife died defending their lives and thus was his determination to see the People’s Revolt through Intensified.

After the emergence of Andoran as a fledgling democracy, Qssim was popular with the people and was elected to the ruling body for the small city in which he lived. Although he was saddened by the death of his first wife, the merchant soon remarried to a woman of Taldane descent. The Keleshite hearts are known for their deep passion and Qssim was no exception. His second wife bore him a son and a second daughter.

Here is where the tale of Tawil truly begins: Son of a merchant prince and only brother among two sisters, Tawil was a rambunctious child. His teachers were often telling his father he was too smart for his own good, a notion the tradesman and now magistrate never understood. Tawil could, however, be a bit impetuous and although he was smart as a whip he had a tendency not to think things all the way through, living for the moment.

Although the most well-known lycanthropes in Andoran are the werewolves in the Darkmoon Vale, they aren’t the only ones. In the cities the wererats occasionally take hold among the thieves and ruffians. Not known for their tact, the rats have no qualms about blackmailing, murdering, or kidnapping to get what they want. Qssim’s efforts to clean up the city brought about the ire of the ratlings, and in an attempt to temper his goals, kidnapping was the tool they decided to use.

It was a dark night, and raining when the wererats crept on the Daher estate. They sought to take the heir to Qssim’s fortune, but like many Avistani they did not understand the rules of inheritance followed the female line before resorting to the males. When the rats came for Tawil they didn’t find just the young boy, but his mother resting in a chair beside him. When his father heard the screams it was too late for Tawil and his mother. Although the bite didn’t transmit the curse, it did disease the poor woman and she died before she could even see her son returned.

Even if he wasn’t heir, the elder Daher was dedicated to his family and the bonds of love would not allow him to see his son fall to these creatures. His sense of what was right would not allow him let his city fall into further chaos and instead of changing his vote he stepped down from the ruling council. Not only had the rats lost their bargaining chip but the city redoubled its efforts for his proposal and the already hefty respect the people had for Qssim grew.

The wererats were hunted down tirelessly and Tawil was returned to his father within a fortnight. Although father and son were happy to be reunited, there was a sadness that could not be denied. Qssim had lost another wife and Tawil, his mother. Although he would never admit it to his father or himself, Tawil blamed his father for his mother’s death.

After these events Tawil began to rebel against his father. His first act was to denounce the faith of Sarenrae, by which his father was quite taken aback. Tawil also began doing poorly in school and getting into fights. He became even more reckless and unruly until his father had no choice but to send him off to a school away from home. Although it saddened him, this turned out to be the best thing for the boy.

Away from his family and the pain, Tawil actually began seeking his own answers to the questions of life. His answers were found in the teachings of Shelyn, or more specifically in the words of the blind art teacher who taught sculpture at Tawil’s new school. Although she could not herself see she was always asking the kids to see beauty in life. Tawil sought her out after classes and she began to tutor him in the ways of The Eternal Rose.

Though not of the right mindset and temperament to pursue a life in the church of Shylen, Tawil did take to art and music, and truly began to master the pursuit of beauty and love. Tawil found that many girls and some women loved his rakish looks and attitude. The boy even took up sword play as a means to impress, learning to swing the Kelesh scimitar through the motions of the exotic dervish dance.

When he returned home after graduation he made amends with his father, who was saddened by the idea that his son sought adventure over learning the family business. Tawil congratulated his father, who had been chosen by the municipality to sit on the People’s Council and even further for finding a new love. Although he missed his mother greatly, Tawil understood through the teachings of Sheyln that love is not a finite commodity. Tawil did, however, find the choice of a half-orc a bit odd—but love knows no bounds.

Tawil took a year to settle his own matters before heading out into the world. By then he had seen his father marry and the birth of another half-sister. He spent much of his time carousing in Almas when he went with his father, who had to attend council meetings. Tawil had learned to curb his anger with love but when he and his father were confronted by thieves who turned out to be wererats just like the ones who kidnapped him, he lost it. Against his father’s wishes he hunted down the ratlings and although he didn’t kill them he destroyed everything they had. At the time it had felt right, but when he left Almas and his father, he begged for forgiveness for letting his anger take hold of him.

Tawil left Almas and Andoran, his first stop Qadira to see the other part of his family he had never met and hopefully to find adventure in the desert sand.

Tawil has experienced ups and downs, but he seems like a fun character to play and I believe I have fit all of the information in pretty well. It’s not too late for you to tell us what you'd build with Monday’s stats. If you enjoyed seeing the Kelesh Swashbuckler grow from random rolls to full on character then consider becoming a patron of the CRB here. Also remember to follow us on twitter @SimonSezCRB. If you’re afraid of missing a beat, head to the sidebar and sign up for email notification, be one of the first to know when a new posting hits the CRB. This is especially good if you’re finding the CRB on reddit as I can only post to a given reddit once a week.

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