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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Law of the Jungle

Sects of the Daemon Anogetz

Revolution. Not generally the hallmark of evil, but the Daemon Harbinger Anogetz see it as his area of expertise along with coups and animal attacks. The Fated Fang considers himself a ruler among animals, the Alpha of the pack. Little is written on this inhabitant of Abbadon, and even less on his followers. Thus I put it to you, as we sit around our theoretical gaming table, we’re playing a game where all the characters must be worshipers of Anogetz. You do not need to be a divine casting class but your goals must align with the goals of the Daemon. What character would you make?

For what little information there is on Anogetz check these two places

The Packlords

In the river kingdoms, power comes to those who take it. The country is a free for all of anything goes—only the laws of those strong enough to enforce them prevail. In these lands, the Packlords seek to gain power in the name of their lord Anogetz. Each Packlord leads his own group of bandits in different territories within the river kingdom. They seek personal gain by any means necessary, and some have even gone so far as to overthrow the current lords of major regions.

Although the Packlords will band together in times of need, or if a plan calls for a larger group, there remains a constant struggle within the group. Despite the realization that they must work together, Anogetz demands that the best suited lead, whether this means the smartest or the strongest depends on the needs of the moment. The Packlords vie among each other in a constant attempt to dethrone whoever is currently the alpha. This usually means that concerted efforts among the lords are few and far between.

Each pack has its own hierarchy and the groups can range from as few as four to as many as twenty. Not everyone in the Packlord’s band will understand the true purpose of Anogetz, but the Deamon is not above whispering to newer members to test the lord of the pack. The Fated Fangs would not want those who lead his faithful to rest on their laurels.

The Grey Manes

The land of Galt has been set by constant revolution and many think it is because the governments, one after the next since the overthrow of the monarchy, have been corrupt. People look to the Grey Gardeners to prune the tree of liberty and make way for new leadership that meets the will of the people. What people fail to see is that within the Gardeners themselves is the reason for the continued strife. Hidden like a wolf in sheep’s clothing is the Grey Mane, worshipers of Anogetz.

The Grey Mane seeks to make Anogetz the one true religion within the realm of Galt and during each successive government they try to turn many of the ruling bodies toward the worship of their Daemon Lord.  Time and again however, their machinations fail and they are forced to use the guillotines to reset the playing field and begin anew. How the group stays so well hidden among the Grey Gardeners no one knows, but it may be because few, if any, know they are there in the first place.

The Ravagers

Although Ketephys has seen fit to help some were-creatures overcome their bestial nature, the followers of Anogetz revel in their bestial nature. The ravagers are a group of evil were-creatures that travel the length and breadth of Avistan. Their one goal is to remind humanity that just because they have formed civilization it does not mean they have reached the top of the food chain.

The activities of the Ravagers seem random to most folk, as animal attacks usually do. Each attack, however, is a well thought-out plan meant to instill the most fear among the people they seek to “enlighten”. Nightly raids that kill only one or two, so the town can watch their numbers slowly dwindle, is a common tactic. The ravagers rarely wipe a town or village out wholesale as they know they need leave some few to remember that what terror has befallen them.

A new edition to the god write ups are Paladin and Antipaladin codes. Since Anogetz is Neutral Evil he gets Antipaladins and here goes the code.

Antipaladin code

The beast’s territory is that which he can defend. I am the beast. I own what I can take and keep and nothing more. Those who cannot keep what they have were never meant for it, and it is mine by right

No man is a slave, except in their own heart.  No man is free but for the strength of his own will.  I will be no slave. I will harden my heart like armor, and sharpen my will like a sword, and let no man set easy who seeks to seat himself above me.

The beasts of the wild are unlike their domesticated brethren.  They see man as prey, when they take a man’s life, it reminds other men of their place in the world.  This is as it should be

A weak leader is prey to a strong man. A foolish leader is prey to a smart man. An unpopular leader is prey to a man with allies.  A leader who is prey is no leader at all.

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