CRB is a repository of all the creative things that float through my mind about the RPG Pathfinder. Two major features are random character generation and building characters based on the god they worship. Anything that seems like it adds to the creative aspects of the game will pop up from time to time, including location descriptions, adventure ideas and even short stories. CRB won't just be my own creativity, it will open the floor to anyone who has an idea sparked by what I present to you.


Saturdays – A random god from among the many that exist on Golarion will be picked and we will have a discussion about what characters you would make if your only instruction were you had to be a devout follower of said god.

If the discussion on the god has a lot of juicy bits I will make a Sunday evening post that consolidates all the information into a more cohesive write up of what we’ve created.

Monday – A set of randomly generated stats and background will be posted. You will have the week to comment about what kind of character you would make given the rolls before seeing what I do with it.

Wednesday – An article about whatever subject I feel like talking about.

Friday – The background I wrote for the randomly generated stats and background.

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