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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last Great Acts of Devotion

Disciples of the Empyreal Lord Vildeis

Vildeis, the Empyreal Lord of devotion, sacrifice, and scars; a fanatical force in the destruction of evil. So great is her desire to see evil eradicated from the face of Golarion that she tore out her own eyes so as to not profane her vision. Little is known of this being or her followers – although I’ve already create one here  – so it is time to ask, who are her worshipers? And why do they give their devotion to this heavenly being?

As always let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game we are to make a follower of Vildeis. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of the Demon Lord. What character do you make?

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The Scarred

The Scarred are a group of war survivors, those who have given their all and survived, but paid the price. Missing eyes, limbs, and other traumas have taken these devout men and women off the battlefield. But in their minds, their time is not over. They believe they have more to give and aim to give it.

The Scarred is as much as support group for these wounded warriors as it is an aid for those who still fight. Many young paladins train under the tutelage of a member of The Scarred. These elder statesmen of Vildeis’ faithful are also stores of knowledge for those who come after. When a combatant can’t be spared from the field of battle one of The Scarred may be sent on missions of diplomacy.

Like many Empyreal Lords, large cults to the angel have sprung up in Magnimar. It is here that the central meeting hall for The Scarred is located. Any warrior who has served his time can find a home here. This camaraderie allows men and women who have fought against such horrors to keep tabs on their fellow soldiers. War is hell, and these devotees to Vildeis know that all too well.

Monks of the Closed Eye

The Monks of the Closed Eye are a group of ascetics who revere the Cardinal Martyr. Like Vildeis, they to do not wish to see touch of evil on the world and so they learn to live without sight. Many of the monks lost their eyes before coming to the alabaster monastery where they train. Those that aren’t already blind wear a pure white piece of cloth over their eyes to obscure their vision. Some, who are either the most dedicated or crazy, tear out their own eyes.

Although called monks, not all of them are trained in the arts of unarmed combat. The members of this sect come from many martial traditions and some of the monks are even paladins of the Cardinal Martyr. No matter what martial style they choose to follow, they are each trained in the art of fighting without seeing. Although others have tried to mimic this style, no one has ever been more deadly with it than the Grand Masters of the Monks of the Closed Eye.

Soldiers of the Lost

Not every follower Vildeis’ is a combatant. Not every wounded heart is a follower. Vildeis calls upon her faithful to bring the fight to evil and often she forgets those they leave behind. The Soldiers of the Lost make up for that by supporting the families of the paladins, knights, crusaders, cavaliers, and other warriors who take the field of battle in Vildeis’ name. They make sure their sacrifice is never forgotten.

The Soldiers of the Lost may not be the best warriors, although no follower of Vildeis lacks the ability to fight if needed. Their true strength lies in their ability to listen. They are the ones who return remains of those who have fallen to their families. They spend time consoling those that are left behind. Any who have lost a family member to the battle against evil can call on the Soldiers of the Lost at any time. The servants of the Empyreal Lord hold their duty as sacred as any who muster in the field, and they swear to never fail their charges.

Paladin Code

If by my life I can save even one innocent, then it is worth the cost.

Although war must fought to wipe evil from the face of Golarion, I shall never revel in battle. Killing for killing’s sake is the mark of the damned and not becoming of the chosen of Vildeis.

The scars I bear from battle are a testament to my devotion, I will wear them with pride.

Man may be able to change but demons, devils, and daemons cannot. Never suffer a creature of the lower planes to live.

You’ve seen my sects and maybe they’ve inspired you in your creation of a worshiper of Vildeis. Who is your martyr? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to the Empyreal Lord? Where did they learn of Vildeis? Let me know in the comments.

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