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Friday, February 24, 2017

Character 65 - Kyroo Atswata

So this week’s random rolls saw a uber smart and very attentive half-elf. A killer and a follower of the Fey Eldest of reincarnation. The question as always is how to tie all of this together. Picking a class is always the hardest but this time I went with the Arcanist, particularly the Elemental Master Archetype. So take a look and see if this is close to what you came up with.

Kyroo Atswata

Kyroo was born on a boat, literally he was born aboard a ship at sea. His mother is a half-elf of Ekujae stock taken by Apsis Consortium slavers and his father was a sailor from Bloodcove from Bonuwat ethnicity of the Mwangi people. Kyroo was born on the ship on which is father was a crewmen although he couldn’t admit the boy was his.

To the Apsis his mother was useless after she gave birth and so they sold her to slavers to take to the market in Okeno. When his wife and son were about to be sent off his father stood up and demanded they not be sold. But standing up to the Apsis Consortium is never a wise move and Kyroo’s father was struck down. Weeping his mother carried the now fatherless child aboard the yellow sailed slave galley and set off to be sold.

On the way west the ship stopped in Absalom to see if it could unload some cargo before reaching its final destination. Although frowned upon slavery is not illegal in the City at the Center of the World. A few of the less desirable stock including the mother and her infant son were taken to the slave pits on Misery Row. There they were bought by a wealthy trader whose own son needed a wet nurse.

Kyroo grew up in the house of the merchant, alongside his master’s son. When the boy no longer needed a wet nurse Kyroo’s mother was kept on as a maid. They weren’t treated poorly – although they were still slaves – and the merchant allowed the young half-elf to tag along when he took his own son on business around the city. Kyroo’s favorite stop was when his master would go to the docks to check on ships and goods. Somewhere in his heart he always longed for the sea.

As he grew older the merchant noticed that Kyroo had an affinity for water. One day he watch the boy make small droplets of rain appear over his own head. With little else for the boy to do around the house his master arranged for him to take the annual open exams at the Arcanamirium. With Kyroo’s astute mind and incredible intuition he ranked himself as a high level apprentice, with little to no actual magical training. Kyroo was even chosen to be sponsored by one of the faculty members.

Kyroo studied for years, combining his talent for water spells with his natural aptitude for ships and sailing. The Arcanamirium was well known for teaching how to combine spellcraft with everyday mundane activities. During his time there he befriended a young bard who couldn’t take anything seriously. The duo were in stark contrast with the bards light hearted and whimsical personality and Kyroo’s subdued and practical approach to everything.

While learning magic from the Arcanamirium Kyroo also sought out a metaphysical place in the world. Since the school brought in many different magical philosophies – including clerical – kyroo had a chance to meet people of many different faiths. The one that stuck with him most was an elvish druid who followed the teachings of the Fey Eldest known as Shyka. Belief in the malleability of time and the reincarnation of ones soul were core to the teachings. Kyroo latched on to the belief that one day his father would be reincarnated and the two could meet again at last.

After graduating the merchant sought to use Kyroo as a force on his ships. After all the man was still technically he and his mother’s master. Although the half-elf felt at home with the idea of being on a ship he didn’t enjoy being forced to be there. He fought against the posting but he would soon have no choice but to set sail.

The elder cleric felt it was his time to be placed back into the great cycle of reincarnation. But the elf was fearful of death none-the-less. He very carefully talked Kyroo into helping him ease himself into his next life. However, not everyone could see the beauty in moving on and Kyroo was now wanted for murder. He had only one place to turn, his bardic friend.

Although the bard came off as a fool he was actually just one who understood that custom and propriety weren’t always right. He felt his friend hadn’t done anything wrong and helped plan his escape. Although he couldn’t set out with him, he helped get Kyroo onto a ship setting forth to many ports of Garund. Leaving his mother and the life he knew behind, set on his own eventual entropic course to the end. He would seek out the world until it too was his turn to rejoin the cycle of reincarnation.

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