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Friday, January 27, 2017

Character Exploration 61 - Erbreror Kalish

Another week gone by and another character background has taken form from random rolls. This week we had a very interesting tiefling with an incredibly low charisma who follows a deity of lies. His chosen patron also has authority in his wheel house and living in the land of Molthune to me that meant military authority. A decent strength and exceedingly high constitution and wisdom sold me on a melee fighter but also with a divine twist. I eventually chose inquisitor as this character’s class, with the Heresy inquisition. Adding his wisdom to bluff and intimidate really spoke to following the Infernal Duke of authority, hubris, and lies.

Erbreror Kalish

Illustration by Luis Perez
Being born into poverty was never the worst part of Erbreor’s life. Being serfs—tending the land of a Molthuni noble’s vineyard— meant that his family needed all the able bodied hands they could get. If he had been born in a city or to a more well-to-do family then they might have killed him at birth when they first saw his vestigial tail and red tinted skin. No being born poor is probably what allowed Erbreror to grow into a man of his own.

His childhood wasn’t easy. Being a tiefling was seen as a curse of some kind. He was bullied mercilessly by not only the other local kids but by his older brothers and sister as well. As his skin color took on a more devilish red and his tail began to become more than just a stump the bullying moved up from verbal to physical attacks. In one such attack from his own siblings part of the flesh of his cheek was torn away. And although he survived, the lack of a proper healer left him with a large open scar on his face.

When his younger brother was born he had hoped that some of his older siblings wrath would fall upon him but such was not the case. Well into his teens he was the butt of every joke, and a pin cushion for siblings physical jabs. It all came to a head on his fifteenth birthday when—having grown bigger and stronger—he tried to kill his eldest brother. Sadly though, he burned down the house killing his parents and his younger sibling in the process.

Erbreror ran from his childhood home, fleeing out into the badlands. He spent weeks living off the land, poorly. If it weren’t for his incredible health and will he wouldn’t have lasted a day let alone a week. When the mercenary group found him he was malnourished and near death. The red and black clad warriors fought for the Molthune in their war against Nirmathas.

Erbreror was fed and taken in. When asked about his life he lied. Although he was always able to get one over on the locals, the Mercenary leader could see right through him. But he smiled anyway. That was the beginning of Erbreror’s training. He learned lessons in both martial prowess and theological studies.

The company were defectors from Cheliax looking to earn their citizenship in Molthune. Like most of the diabolists they believed in a strict hierarchy and order. Unlike most of Cheliax Asmodeus was not their patron deity. The company of the burning wings in their red and black attire took the Infernal Duke Iaozrael as guiding light.

The young tiefling took the lessons of Iaozrael to heart and during an evening prayer with the troupe he was touched by the Infernal Duke. Erbreror’s new mission was to advance the growth of Iaozrael through the lands of Molthune and to hunt down those who have fallen away from the devil. He was also tasked with ingratiating himself into the actual army of Molthune and to offer his services to root out those who would work against the nation from within.

The one thing Erbreror was always good at was rooting out lies. So finding a way to make himself useful was pretty easy. He slowly worked his way up the ranks in the Imperial Army of Molthune. He even managed to dig up dirt on one of the regional commanders. He used this to settle himself into a position of quiet ease from which he could work his masters will. Although the commander was technically a traitor, giving information to a whore who was a spy for Nirmathas, allowing him to hold his position helped Erbreror root out other traitors.

Now Erbreror lives out his days as a ranking special agent in the Imperial Army of Molthune. He hunts those who would betray his home country and he seeks to further the small but growing church of Iaozrael. He revels in his auhtority and in his continued mastery of his silver tongue.

With an aura of command and a silver tongue comes Erbreor. But is this the character you would have made? What class would you have chosen? How did his parents die? Who were his childhood bullies? How did he come to worship Iaozrael? It’s never too late to let us know in the comments.

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The character illustration was created by the fine artist Luis Perez. You can find him on TwitterTumblr, and on Instagram at luisperezart

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