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Friday, March 31, 2017

Character 70 - Harwith

This week’s random rolls saw our paragon of a catfolk. His high charisma and high dexterity showcased the race’s inherent strengths. Choosing a class was difficult; average at best intelligence and wisdom meant that most casting classes were out. Being a follower of a god of athletics, I wanted to go with some kind of martial class that used charisma. With that in mind, his drawback of seeking fame or reputation I immediately thought of cavalier or swashbuckler. And then I said to myself why make it “or” when there is a cavalier archetype that gives some swashbuckler abilities?  So I’d like you to meet Harwith, the daring champion cavalier of the Order of the Cockatrice.


Although catfolk are most common north eastern part of Garund, the feline folk can be encountered most places on Golarion. Along with other animalistic races like ratfolk, tengu, kitsune and nagaji, the continent of Tian has some number of catfolk. They can also be found in lands of with wide open spaces for catfolk tribes to roam. Numeria is one such place, and Harwith was born to parents of a somewhat more settled catfolk tribe.

Even settled, the tribe retained many of its wandering ways. Next to the chief the warriors took their place on the social ladder. The shaman and god-talkers had their spot after that. Craftsmen of all stripes were just below the medicine men. And finally the servants and the farmers took the lowest rank in the tribe. Harwith’s parents were farmers and as such he grew up poor and looked down upon by most.

Catfolk have always prized athletic ability and catfolk children would constantly challenge each other to tests of skill or sport. Harwith was an excellent athlete; he could use both his natural strength and agility to gain advantage over many of his peers. Sadly this put him at odds with many of the children whose parents held higher rank than his. The son of one of the shaman was a particular thorn in Harwith’s side as he was being groomed to become a great warrior.

Never really feeling at home with his peers, Harwith found solace outside of the tribe’s settlement, living on the outskirts was another one of his tribe, or formerly so. He was a black cat whose bad luck had rubbed off on the tribe. He was also the current chief’s brother, so although he was cast out and stripped of his name and rank, he still lived alongside the tribe.

Before being outcast the black cat was a god-talker. He would help guide important members of the tribe to their personal god. Having befriended Harwith, the black cat did what normally wasn’t done, he helped the young catfolk find his personal god. The outcast reached out into the great beyond and touched the mind of the divine, and with him he brought back a name; Marishi.

Having his own personal god gave Harwith hope. The fact he had the Empyreal Lord of athletics and sports as his chose deity proved to him that he would go somewhere.  However, he could never tell anyone because such lower ranked members of the tribe didn’t get their own personal gods.

Although he never spoke a word of his newfound attachment his older sister found out. She was one of the most beautiful women of the tribe and was being courted by the aspiring warrior, and son of a shaman, who had become Harwith’s rival. To further her own ends she went to the shaman and spoke of her brother’s transgression. The holy men of the tribe were incensed that someone would go against tribal law and they cast out young Hartwith.

Harwith was enraged; they could not take from him what was his. He would prove that he was better than all of them. His anger got the better of him and he stormed the shaman’s hut and tore it apart. His final act before leaving the tribe was destruction, but he didn’t care because he knew that he was better than they were.

Harwith’s drive to prove he was better pushed him. He would compete everywhere he went. He would compete in races, tests of skill, and even combat. His desire to make a name for himself got him noticed by a group called the Order of the Cocktrice. He talked a big game and could even back it up for the most part, and the Order saw potential.

Now he continues to roam Numeria under the banner of the Cocktrice. He hopes to someday return home and show his people what they tossed to the side. And maybe once again beat his old riva, at everything.

And from the tidbits of information our catfolk has take form. But mine is not the only interpretation out there. What class did your catfolk choose? How did he come to worship Marishi? Who Betrayed Him?

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