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Friday, February 17, 2017

Character 64 - Amunaltalu Smokehole

The toughest thing to overcome in this week’s random rolls was the dexterity of seven, but there was a lot of other great information to work with. Tying in the death of his father with his divine birth was difficult. I had to find a love that he could have and meant the world to him that was not an actual lover. Choosing a class, however, is always the hardest part. This week I went with straight up fighter.

Amunaltalu Smokehole

Born in the nation of Thuvia, Amunaltalu took his name from one of the small volcanic pockets that spewed smoke near his family’s estate. His father was a well-respected sculptor, show pieces were sought after by every noble and merchant prince. But behind the fa├žade of master artisan lurked a dark and violent man.

Throughout his childhood Amunaltalu’s father despised him. One of the local seers always said he was destined for greater things and although his father was a great success, he could not stand the thought of his own son outdoing him. When he was born the priest said that Amunaltalu was touched by the gods,  that divine energy had been infused in him. For this reason his father took out his anger on his mother and occasionally his older sister.

All through his childhood he watched his father’s hidden violence, but being chosen to be mentored by the very seers that said he would amount to greater things meant that he could turn a blind eye. He spent his life training for his purpose, to fight. Living and breathing the acrid smoke of the very holes from which he took his name. Ensconced in heavy armor as the fumes both poisoned and hardened him.

One night his mother had too much. She confided in her son her pain, begged him to use his power to free her. Amunaltalu loved his mother very much, but he only knew one way, violence. When his father was asleep he murdered him. He crushed his progenitor’s skull with the shield bought for him by the very same man. But murder is murder and although he felt no guilt his mother bid him to flee.

The young warrior ran through Thuvia and across Rahadoum to the land of the lost and forgotten, The Shackles. He settled into the city of Neruma, which was not on the coast but deep on the mainland. He was one of the few to realize that this was the land of the lizardmen and that their strange beliefs permeated the land.

In the deep caverns below the land Amunaltalu found solace. Here the same thick smoke that came from the belly of the earth that he knew from childhood rose up. The boy felt a calling that opened up not just his mind but the history of his genes. For the first time the blood of his Jann manifested and called out to the old ones that inhabited this plane even before the gods. His blood called to the fire and the volcanic smoke that flowed under The Shackles.

Although the boy could now channel the elemental fire in his blood and could hear the voices of the elder god known as Mhar, he was never granted power by his god. Instead he was tasked with defending the caverns and volcanic flow for the time when his master may rise again. Alone in body, but not in spirit, Amunaltalu now waits and defends his master’s realm.

From the fires of the core of Golarion these bits of information took shape, but what was your character? What class do these stats and background coalesce into in your mind? How did this suli’s father die? Where did the great old one Mhar sneak into his mind?

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