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Friday, January 13, 2017

Character Exploration 59 - Kuni Ogo

A Kitsune in Taldor, an interesting prospect indeed. This week’s random roll left me a lot of options, except for anything involving a high intelligence score. The touch of divine energy at birth meant I could go one of two ways: Give into the divine and accept his place early on, or go against the obvious will of a divine power. A decent strength and dexterity mean a combat role was not out of the question. Although the middling charisma means he wouldn’t make the best paladin. So what to do?

To be honest I had no clue so at first. I tried to pick a place for him to be from in Taldor and I found the Monastery of the Seven Forms, a Tian monastery in Taldor. It was a sign. I immediately decided that he would be an unarmed fighter of some kind. I also decided to have him eventually embrace his divine touch, so in the end I chose the Warpriest class with the Sacred Fist archetype.

Kuni Ogo

Illustration by Luis Perez
Originally born in Tian Xia Kuni, Ogo was the second to last child born to two clerics of the Empyreal Lord Damerrich. Her worship was seen as little more than a cult among the people of the Dragon Empire, but her followers were dutiful so they were welcome in the cities of Tian. In many places followers of The Weighted Swing acted as executioners; they took on this duty so that others would not have to. They considered the condemned their charges and gave even the most hardened criminal an honorable death.

Kuni was always considered chosen by Damerrich, the touch of her divine energy flowed through his mother upon his birth. This exposure to the divine may have infused the young Kitsune, but it damaged his mother. It was said she would never conceive again. She did, but the scars of Kuni’s passing killed her in childbirth with his younger sister.

The death of his mother was hard on both him and his father. Although Kuni’s father never mentioned anything, Kuni blamed himself for his mother’s death. The Ogo family, looking to leave behind their heartbreak, moved from Tian and settled  in Taldor. Looking for a place to find some amount of peace, Kuni’s father choose the settlement known as The Monastery of the Seven Forms, an ancient Tian monastery that had an underground city spring up around it.

A new home was an easy place for Kuni to forget his troubles, or at least pretend to forget. He longed to move away from the idea that he was somehow the chosen of Damerrich. He went out of his way to live a lifestyle quite the opposite of The Weighted Swings precepts, instead shirking responsibility and living a life of carelessness. This, of course, saw him fall in with other street kids.

Kuni took to being almost a stereotype of what people believed Kitsune to be; He became a trickster and thief.  His naturally nimble fingers and his ability to read people and tell them what they wanted to hear convincingly helped out. But like most petty criminals he eventually got caught from time to time.

In his neighborhood was a Taldan guardsman, a former fortune seeker set to protecting the city these days. The man was a follower of Abadar but had a soft spot for kids and was constantly trying to get Kuni to reform. The pleas to live a better life fell on the deaf ears of the rebellious boy, but he continued to try whenever he could.

With little he could do to control his son, he gave the boy over to the hands of the monks who still studied in the monastery. The normally lengthy waiting period for admission was waived as one of the boy’s targets was one of the monks. The keeper of the library caught the boy trying to pilfer his coin purse, but had taken a liking to the boy after thwarting his petit crime.

The Order of the Stalwart Fist teaches a fighting style that is a mix of Tian and Qadiran combat techniques and the boy took to it like a fish to water. Although he was never the quickest learner the librarian became his mentor and he relished watching his teacher’s lust for knowledge even if he himself couldn’t understand all aspects. The librarian apparently didn’t like anyone, except for Kuni.

Over the course of his education among the brothers his outlook once again turned back to the ways of his parent’s patron deity.  The everyday study of martial arts as well as his teacher’s insistence on dedication to a task – even if it was difficult to achieve – made him the perfect conduit for the will of Damerrich who again touched him, releasing the power instilled in him at birth and giving him the ability to be a stalwart defender of his god’s will.

With his life turned around Kuni felt a sense of sorrow. All this time the guardsman who sought to help him was right, but it took till now to see that. Kuni hunted down the man to make his apologies but found that a year earlier he had been killed. As a form of penance he sought out the Abadarian’s killer.

After a lengthy search Kuni cornered the guardsman's murder. The villain turned out to be one of the street rats he ran with as a kid who had graduated from theft to murder. He had the man dead to rights and he could have killed him right there. But even though his deity was the lord of justice executions, this was not his place. The Abadarian would want the criminal to stand trial. And so Kuni brought in the murderer.

Now graduated from the monastery, a journeyman of the Stalwart Fist style, Kuni seeks to find his place in the world and in the eyes of his god. What he is meant to do with his powers and his combat ability is unknown to him but the answer is out there somewhere. If he can just face it with patience and determination he should do well in the world.

And there you have it, Kuni Ogo, student of the Stalwart Fist, chosen of The Weighted Swing. But is this the character you would have made? What class would you have chosen? How would you have his divine touch? It’s never too late to let us know in the comments.

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The opening illustration was created by the fine artist Luis Perez. You can find him on TwitterTumblr, and on Instagram at luisperezart.

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