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Friday, September 30, 2016

Character 57 - Imir Jornson

Before we get to the character for those of you who weren’t around last year my day job heads into its busy season starting in October. It will become a little more difficult for me to produce content during this time and so for October through January I will be putting random character generation on hiatus. The first week of February the CRB will begin a new year of interesting characters.

This week’s half-orc from Nex has finally come to life. We learn what his lower than average charisma means. We find out what class I believe he was inspired to take. All in all the disparate pieces of information fit together nicely. First though we look at what I’ve read into the harrow cards that were drawn.

Harrow Interpretation

Signifier Card: Although the Queen Mother is fond of the powerless and underclass so they can serve her. With this character’s background of being brought up in bondage I don’t see this as part of the character. Instead I’m going to use her aspect as the keeper of knowledge to show that the character is someone who is always looking for other people’s secrets although keeping his own.

Card One: The characters origins are represented by the peacock. The appearance of this card always signifies sudden personal shift in attitude or societal change. I see this as the character’s family having once not been slaves, possibly even having been important where they were from. In this case they originate from an Ulfen tribe and within the Kelesh Empire. Although the shift from freeman to slave is horrible it did bring them together.

Card Two: An event that affected the character childhood is represented by the Trumpet. For this I am going to combined the kidnapped event and the Seer influential associate. The archon is an aggressive force who wades into the direst situations without hesitation in the cause of right. In this case the seer and his allies, took the character from his family. Although this is technically kidnapping the character it is also setting him free from bondage.

Card Three: The Rabbit Prince is the card of the vagaries of combat. I see this character being a combatant but also being able to effect unorthodox tactics. He doesn’t just out think his opponents by being smarter, he does so by being able to read their next move. He also knows that anyone trained or not can fall in combat and has no problem taking other tacts. This leads me to thinking he will be in the inquisitor class.

Card Four: The future of the character is seen in this card. The Desert represents a journey that can be deadly but with promise of great things at its conclusion. With Osirian near Nex I think this also literally represents a desert. And a mystic or doctor bringing salvation shows that the seer that has been influencing this character all along sets him on this quest.

Imir Jornson

Although not technically legal in Nex, in the land of arcane might magic users often get away with whatever they want. Deep in the bowels of the Shattered Range the powerful Medusa sorceress Naenani’s power holds sway. This dark and vain creature seeks interesting slaves to help keep her realm moving. She imports subjects from all over the Golarion.

Kalia Deseertflower was the daughter of a trader who fell on hard times in Qadira. Jorn Shatterstobe was a half-orc war leader of one of the Ulfen tribes in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Taken away from their homelands, their lives turned from fame and fortune to shackles and services, but they also turned to love.

Imir was the second child born to the two slaves, named after Kalia’s grandfather. Their first was his older sister Nuath. Imir was a quite child withdrawn but always watching. He learned to toil becoming strong of back, but also stole moments to expand his knowledge by scouring his captors library. His mother always said he would be so much more than just a slave, although when she died, frozen in place by the Medusa to preserve her beauty, all those thoughts slipped away.

They came in the night, slipping into Naenani’s underground complex unseen. They grabbed Imir and a few others and stole away from the dark place. For the first time in his entire life Imir was free, but at the cost of the loss of his family. The group that kidnapped him from his father was a collection of freedom fighters who served various gods of good. Although Imir wept for his father and sister the seer who had specifically pulled him from the Medusa’s home promised one day that he would free them himself.

Being free was a new experience for Imir. At first he didn’t know what to do with himself without being told. After a while he went the opposite direction of just doing whatever he wanted because he could. This form of action taught the young half-orc a hard lesson when one of his playmates shattered his leg, permanently forcing a limp at a young age, due to Imir’s own negligence.

The lesson brought some sense to the young boy who sought out the oracle to help find his true path. The seer was a follower of the Empyreal Lord Kelinahat. He used his gifted abilities to organize a group of intelligence gatherers for the holy warriors based out of Nex. With no clear ideas about religion Imir asked if he too could dedicate himself the powerful Archon. The seer laughed but promised to show him anyway.

Imir’s natural talent for reading people suited him quite well as a spy. He could read most people at a glance and had a knack for sizing up a situation quicker than anyone else. He also learned from others in the group the arts of stealth, and fighting. Still the shy boy he was in the Medusa’s stronghold he didn’t do so well with speaking, that was left to the young Human who had a gift of gab.

Armas the Silver-Tongued was quite impressive when he spoke and this drew Imir to him like a moth to a flame. Like his parents a change in circumstance brought Armas and Imir together and even in his naïveté the two fell in love.

Finally Imir thought he was ready. Ready to make his way back to where he was born and rescue his father and sister. But the seer said it was not the time. Imir and Armas’ future was across the sands. They needed to head into Osirian, and he could not tell them why or where. But here they would find their destiny. Once this was done Imir would have all the power he needed to rescue his father and sister.

So as it turns out this seems to be a great background for a character starting in the Mummy’s Mask campaign. But its only my interpretation. How would you have made this character? What class would you have chosen for our half-orc? Why does this does he choose to worship Kelinahat? How did you interpret the harrow reading?

From bondage to freedom, so to I hope these characters help free up your imagination. If you find inspiration in these backgrounds please consider donating to my Patreon. Looking for more from the CRB? Come find me on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter. My inbox is open for questions and comments on all platforms.

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