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Monday, August 29, 2016

Random Roll 53 - The Randomness

A seemingly simple character strong, quick and an overwhelming force of personality. Not to bright but such is the life of a peasant. The seemingly simple is the perfect time for deep character reflection. Where does he get his sense of loyalty from? What kind of competition did he win? Why has he chosen not to take a patron deity? Does he even worship the gods at all?

Because it went over well I have kept the harrow reading. I will work it into my character but if you don’t want to you do not need to. Let’s see who’s up to the challenge.

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Human Ethnicity: Kellid
Nationality: Brevoy
Age: 20
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 190lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Str: 14
Dex: 15
Con:  9
Int: 7
Wis: 10
Cha: 19

Homeland: Town or Village
Parents: Only your mother is alive.
Siblings: You have 2 biological siblings.
- biological older brother
- biological older sister
Circumstance of Birth: [Lower-Class Birth] You were born among peasants or slum denizens. You grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement.
Parent's Profession: Serfs/Peasants
Major Childhood Event: [Competition Champion] You distinguished yourself at an early age when you won a competition. This might have been a martial contest of arms, a showing of apprentice magicians, high stakes gambling, or something mundane like an eating championship.

Influential Associate: [The Wanderer] You knew someone who traveled from place to place with the changing of the wind, such as a minstrel, convict, merchant, outcast, soldier, or sailor. This person brought you wondrous mementos and told you of all the places he had traveled and the people who lived there, inspiring a wanderlust within you.

Conflict: [Petty Crime] You committed a minor crime, like vandalism, trespassing, or mischief.
Conflict Subject: Clergy.
Conflict Motivation: Amusement or Entertainment.
Conflict Resolution: [No Guilt] Either guilt is for the weak, or you know you made the right decision. You might not openly brag about your part in the conflict, but you don’t deny it when confronted either.
Deity/Religious Philosophy: No Patron Deity

Romantic Relationship(s): [A Few Significant Relationships] You’ve tried to make deep connections with individuals on several occasions, but it’s never worked out.
Drawback: [Loyalty] You value loyalty over all things. You treasure the friends, associates, and lovers you have earned throughout the years, and when someone breaks your trust or betrays you in some way, you become utterly unhinged

(Trait) Influence
(Trait) Kin Guardian
(Trait) Mercenary
(Trait) Poverty-Stricken
(Trait) Worldly
(Story Feat) Champion
(Drawback) Pride

Harrow Reading

We read the cards in the cross pattern.  Card one being where the character came from, card two an important event in the characters life, card three represents a talent the character will have , and card four represents where the character is going. Surrounded by the signifier that represents the character.

Signifier card: The Unicorn (chaotic good, Charisma) is a card that generously offers that which the subject seeks, just as the charger in the picture offers up its fruit.

Card one: The Owl (neutral, Wisdom) represents the eternal wisdom of the natural order. It is the harsh realism that causes a pack of wolves to cull the weak in the herd. It is tragic for the culled deer, but through such actions the herd grows stronger. The needle The Owl holds binds life together, but just as easily can pick that life apart.

Card Two: The Hidden Truth (lawful good, Intelligence) symbolizes the ability to see past the obvious and the banal to a greater truth within. Sometimes this discovery is an esoteric one, sometimes it is a literal find, such as an item revealed within a room. Regardless, it is a card with the power to reveal secrets.

Card Three: The Sickness (neutral evil, Constitution) represents plague, pestilence, famine, and disease. It can also indicate corruption of the soul or of a multitude of souls.

Card Four: The Wanderer (neutral good, Intelligence) is a collector. This centaur appreciates that which others regard as junk or trash. The Wanderer appears to those clever enough to find the true worth in something others ignore or treat as worthless.

In the comments please tell us what character you would make with these disparate pieces information? What class would this Kellid naturally gravitate towards? Who is this atheist? And don’t forget to stay tuned Friday when my background hits the CRB.

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