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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Short Silent Type

Assassins, Cut-purses and Thieves of Thamir Gixx

Halflings; mostly thought of as helpful, jovial and kind. But that is not so for all members of the race, some halflings can be downright despicable. These thieves, tricksters, and assassins often worship Thamir Gixx, the Silent Blade. As we sit at our theoretical gaming table and our GM tells us that we will be playing followers of this evil halfling god, what kind of character do you make?

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The Broken Chain

Thamir Gixx is often thought of as the god of cutpurses and assassins. Many of their followers, much like their deity, are outright evil. However, Thamir Gixx is also the god of mistreated halflings and as such his worship is common among the enslaved and abused halflings of Cheliax. The Broken Chain very often works with other groups of freedom fighters in Cheliax, including worshippers of Milani and Cayden Caliean. Although the worshipers of these other gods frown upon the methods the Broken Chain uses, their results cannot be denied.

The halflings of the Broken Chain exceed at infiltration and often use their races diminutive stature as a means to get close enough to assassinate slavers and slave owners. Members of this sect are often former slaves who had incredible amounts of abuse heaped upon them by their owners. They tend to be dark, brooding, and callous.

The Halfling Empowerment League

On the surface, the Halfling Empowerment League seems to help their people in business endeavors in the cities of other races. A well respected halfling only mercantile firm, they help other halflings secure loans, expand businesses, and explore further interest in different markets. Below the surface, this is a cult of Thamir Gixx worshippers who seek to become leaders in all halfling communities.

One of the least known aspects of Thamir Gixx’s power is his own perceived nobility and his desire to become the head of the halfling pantheon. The Halfling Empowerment League matches this desire on the material plane by installing members of their cult as leaders in various halfling communities. Like other worshipers of Thamir Gixx this sect is not above thievery and assassination to achieve its goals, but most not in the know see the league as nothing more than a benign mercantile interest.

The Brown Eyed Bandits

This minor cult of Thamir Gixx worshipers hides out among the many halflings in the Taldane city of Cassomir. This cult is little more than a large street gang that uses the symbolism of Thamir Gixx's favorite animal, the raccoon. Where many halflings have taken on the snobbery of Taldane’s taller folk, some of them—like the Brown Eyed Bandits—have been left behind by their pretentious peers.

The Brown Eyed Bandits started as a small group of street urchins who were brought together under the auspices of a follower of Thamir Gixx. Halflings that are aimless and usually without a home or relatives are promised a place they can call their own and great riches for joining the cult and dedicating themselves to the dark god. Over a bit more than a decade the cult has grown from just a small gathering of disenfranchised halflings to a larger syndicate that handles much of the organized crime in Cassomir's more unsavory districts.

The Silent Blade

A far more traditional sect of Thamir Gixx worshipers take their name from their patron deity's title. The Silent Blade is a small group of highly skilled halfling assassins.  Although not as well known as the Red Mantis, they can be just as deadly. Like many halflings, they use their small size and friendly nature to get into places other larger races may not be able to.

The Silent Blade’s base of operations is thought to be somewhere within the River Kingdoms. Although this occasionally puts them at odds with the assassins’ guild of Dagger Mark ,they seem apt enough at keeping their activities to a low profile. The Silent Blade will normally take contracts just about anywhere in Avistan but have yet to expand their organization to the other continents of Golarian.

Maybe your follower of Thamir Gixx is a member of one of these sects? Or perhaps you came up with something different? Tell me who your worshipper of Thamir Gixx might be, and what is his or her place in the world?

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  1. Great work, Simon, and really appreciated. I'm making a hobbit character for a new campaign - all the players will play hobbits in a travelling circus troupe in Andoran, conducting clandestine operations over the border in Cheliax for the Bellflower. I want to be a secret Thamir Gixx cultist, not evil but twisted by my desire for revenge so this was really useful, many thanks :-)

    1. I'm happy its helped with your character. That's why I post these things. Let us know how the character plays.