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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Through the Ruby Lens

Yuelral, the elven goddess of magic. The goddess of uncut gems is one who has quickly embraced the elves half-elf kin. She deals in magic, both divine and arcane, but shies away from metal and artificial creation. Sitting at the gaming table of our mind’s eye and the GM says today we are making characters whom worship Yuelral. They do not need to be divine casters, but they must seek to further her goals. What character do you make?

For more information on Yuelral

Memory Keepers

One of the aspects of Yuelral’s power is the memory domain, she is known as a lore keeper among the elven deities. A sect of her followers known as the Memory Keepers focus on being not just the memory of the elves, but the memory of Golarion as a whole. These archivists don’t work with books however and lore is not kept in a library. Instead a vast network of caves hidden away somewhere in Kyonin houses a veritable forest of crystals. Each crystal is attuned to a specific piece of lore that can only be accessed by one who can feel the resonance of the gem. This library is considered one of Yuelral’s most sacred of places.

The Memory Keepers further separate themselves into two groups: The Librarians and the Thought Harvesters. The Librarians tend the fields of crystals and are usually casters; witches, druids, diviners, elemental sorcerers, and many others who can hear the crystals sing their songs. The Thought Harvesters tend to be adventurers and are far more outgoing than their Librarian counterparts. Though any who worship Yuelral the Wise can join, bards tend to be the most common class among them.

The Crystal Knights

The Crystal Knights are protectors of Yeulral’s holy places, as well as any elven homeland. Although a majority of the Knights are paladins, one does not need to have a divine calling to serve the goddess. Everyone from warriors and woodsman, to rogues and swashbucklers may serve in the Crystal Knights. Each member of the Knights carries an unworked crystal gathered from the glittering fields in Yuelral’s Library. It is attuned to him or her and records the possessor’s life in service to their goddess.

The name Crystal Knights came from when the group was strictly an order of Paladins. Each paladin was given a handcrafted suit of crystalline armor, which served the same purpose as the unworked gem that all Knights now carry. This practice remains to this day and you can tell the Paladins of the goddess from the other members of the organization by their shining crystal armor.

The Ruby Architects

This is a very small sect of worshipers of Yuelral, which oddly contains not just elves and half-elves but also some gnomes. These adherents have but one goal in life, to build the ultimate place of worship for the followers of Yuelral. The Crystalline Library was one of their creations, but so too were numerous cathedrals made of precious stone both above and below ground. Sadly there seems to be a curse on the Ruby Architects and what they build never seems quite right to them. As many structures as have been erected have been destroyed by their own hands. Barring, of course, the great field of crystals for the Memory Keepers.

Most of the members of the group are those who can manipulate the precious stones that make the architectural masterpieces they create. Those who cannot use magic to work the crystal tend to be master builders and architects, directing work for their grand edifices to be completed. One day the Ruby Architects hope to complete what will be Yueral’s center of worship, but at this rate that day will not come any time soon.

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