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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Character Exploration Eight: The Randomness

I was asked to try another gnome. 15pt buy for our gnome, not bad to start.

11 (13 -2 Gnome)
13 (11 +2 Gnome)
14 (12 +2 Gnome)

Lived in a forest
Both parents alive
Only child
Adopted by other gnomes
Parents were thieves
Adopted parents were entertainers
Betrayal during childhood
Influential associate: Criminal
Blackmailed a spellcaster for money
Several inconsequential relationships
Drawback: Pride

When I posted it on the pathfinder board a lot of people guessed either witch or oracle based on the stats and background. Neither of those were what I chose. Can you guess what class this gnome will be?

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