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Friday, August 7, 2015

Character Eight: Quentin Queizzlefoot

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

Quentatriliocious, aka Quentin Queizzlefoot, is a Gnome of not-yet ill-repute. But he’s trying, he swears! Son of Alia and Ferrous Quizzlefoot, his parent were well-known rapscallions among the Gnome community. Although his parents were never viewed as wantonly harmful, everyone for leagues knew them for the con artists they were. Seeing as most of their shenanigans was aimed at non-gnomes, the surrounding communities let them slide for the most part. That was until the death of Caratimatine “Carmine” Longbottom.

Carmine was a, well, he was a major figure in the movement for the Gnomes return to the first world. He was considered a rabble-rouser by some, and a philosopher by others. Quentin’s parents somehow got caught up in a plot that sought to remove Carmine from the equation. In the end the only people who could be attached to the body were Quenetin’s parents, who decided it was best to run than face ‘justice.’ Quentin was left with his aunt and uncle at the tender age of 15 when his parents went into hiding.

Aunt Berutania and uncle Uwenalacalious were performers by trade. They put on a show travelling from town to town. Not just among the forest Gnomes, and by his 30's Quentin had visited the human, elf and dwarf lands performing with his aunt and uncle. His time on the road taught him the finer points of acting, which on top of character building, taught him the fine arts of disguise and lying. The young Gnome also took quite well to picking up the languages of every land he traveled through.

During a stint in their forest home, between performance tours, Quentin was approached by a Gnome claiming to be friends with his parents. Quentin’s aunt and uncle never really spoke about his parents; they changing the subject whenever they could. But this Gnome told Quentin about his parents’ self-imposed exile and betrayal. In secret Quentin began training with the “family friend” to find his missing parents and clear their name.

Some quick and dirty investigation let them to an illusionist who was supposedly in on setting up Carmine. Quentin’s acting skills came in handy and he and the family friend managed to get enough information to blackmail the trickster Gnome. Information wasn’t as forthcoming as they would have liked, which left them at a dead end, but the Illusionist was willing to pay to keep his dirty secrets from being aired. Grown and looking for answers Quentin still seeks out his parents; even if he has to lie, cheat, and steal to find them. One day he will.

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