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Friday, August 21, 2015

Character Eleven: Vandas Ilisthian

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In case you forgot, here are the random rolls for this character.

Vandas Ilisthian born poor to the servitors of House Vexidyre in the city of Zirnakaynin. Abused and beaten by his older sister, she even drowned him once when he was six. An event he barely survived after claiming to have visited the pits of the abyss. The experience wiped all fear from the heart of the young drow. Sadly the lack of oxygen to his brain also caused permanent brain damage in the young boy. As he grew the constant depredations of his sister forced him to grow bigger and and strong until he could finally ward her off on his own.

House Vexidyre was a harsh mistress, keeping its citizens in line through the sadistic and cruel tortures of the followers of Lord Shax. One of the few escapes for peasants was to give service to the Blood Marquis' chosen. But only the most depraved of drow could not only stand up to the tortures but also dish them out as well. Even though commoners could make their way into the ranks of the faithful, mostly the honor went to younger members of lesser lines of House Vexidyre itself.

Vandas wanted out, the life of a peasant was not for him. He craved power and he craved blood. In his way stood all the other hopefuls but his worst competition was Keldrinth Naragas, the lesser cousin of the House. Even among the other cousins Keldrinth was considered a lock to get the one open spot as servitor of Shax. And true to his "destiny" Keldrinth won out against all others.

Vandas however was not to be denied. Furious at the priests for not choosing him. Seeing it as politics over skill and devotion. Vandas stormed into the priests quarters when he was indoctrinating Keldrinth Naragas. He took the scared knife off the wall and murdered the priest, he followed up by killing Keldrinth and his eager hangers on. And when they found him he was soaked in blood tearing out the insides of his victims. The priests went to move against him but they couldn't for Shax himself was pleased. He bade that Vandas be a tool of the church to be sent against all that opposed Lord Shax.

Final Notes

Vandas Ilisthian is a Warpriest of Shax with the Champion of the Faith archetype. He only gets one skill point a level due to his int and that goes into Sense Motive everytime. You cannot turn away the wrath of Lord Shax with your twisted tongue.


  1. In my humble opinion, you should see what you can do with a Ratfolk.

  2. Ratfolk you say. I have never explored the possibilities of Ratfolk so I think I will do just that. Come back Monday to see the random rolls and maybe speculate on what you think I'll do with them. Or tell me what you would do with the rolls.