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Monday, August 17, 2015

Character Exploration Eleven: The Randomness

As a disclaimer for this random roll generation I’m not a drow fan, but drow was what was picked for me so I went ahead and did it. That said here we go.

Male Drow

Age: 126
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 127 lbs

This was a 25pt buy so ultra-heroic build
Str 17
Dex 10
Con 12
Int 9
Wis 16
Cha 12

Homeland: Underground

Parents: Both of your parents are alive.

Siblings: You have 1 biological sibling.
- biological older sister

Circumstance of Birth: [Lower-Class Birth] You were born among peasants or slum denizens. You grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement.

Parent's Profession: Serfs/Peasants

Major Childhood Event: [Died] You died, or came so close to death that you walked the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead. Having passed from life's domain once, you have a unique perspective on life, perhaps even a greater appreciation for it—or maybe your experience caused you to reject all trivial things, focusing only on matters of true import.

Influential Associate: [The Champion] You were close to someone who excelled at athletic endeavors and tests of strength or skill. Through your friendship or rivalry, you developed the competitive spirit that continues to drive you in everything you do.

Conflict: [Mass Murder] You killed several sentient beings.

Conflict Subject: Leader.

Conflict Motivation: Pleasure.

Conflict Resolution:

Romantic Relationship(s): [Several Significant Relationships] You’ve engaged in a number of partnerships, but for some reason or another your relationships always fail.

Drawback: [Power] You long for the ability to influence the world around you, whether that’s as small as a village or as large as a plane of reality.

The background I wrote for this will be posted Friday at 8am. But what kind of character would you make based on these rolls? What class would you pick? Do you have a background in mind looking at these pieces of information? Share with us and let us see your creative juices flow.


  1. I smell this going two ways - either cleric or thief. The Cleric could be of ANY alignment, but will worship either a deity of healing or necromancy - he's been close to the edge, now he'll help folks escape death or embrace it. To be honest, a Cleric of Anubis, the LG Egyptian god of the dead, would make it interesting. He could help the restless dead find their everlasting slumber that he was denied.

    As for the thief, I see a risk taker - a real adrenaline junkie. If he's got to roll a high number to sneak into the house to burgle it, he'll make it harder by wearing a Pikachu costume... a real "Pink Panther" kind of criminal. He'd be amazingly fun to be around, but it would be exhausting to try to keep up with him.

    I also don't see him hanging around with other Drow... no good reason for it, it just doesn't seem to fit what I envision.

  2. Very interesting. I have to say neither of those are the route I went, but its good to see that the same stats can have varied results on choice of class and background. As mentioned Drow are not my favorite thing in the world so I'll admit coming up for a background for this one was not the easiest thing in the world for me.

    But good show man, nice to see the creative juices flowing.