CRB is a repository of all the creative things that float through my mind about the RPG Pathfinder. Two major features are random character generation and building characters based on the god they worship. Anything that seems like it adds to the creative aspects of the game will pop up from time to time, including location descriptions, adventure ideas and even short stories. CRB won't just be my own creativity, it will open the floor to anyone who has an idea sparked by what I present to you.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Wondering where the random rolls were this morning? Well I am taking a much needed vacation. There will be no random rolls, no character written for them, and no deity exploration this week. I have however opened up the doors to my Wednesday article to a friend and fellow gamer so there will be some content from a different voice.

Thursday is also the two year anniversary of The Creative Repository Blog. So I'd like to thank you all for sticking with me though this exciting journey, And I'll be back to start year three with random rolls on Monday, September 4th.

Good gaming friends

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