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Monday, June 5, 2017

Random Roll 80 - The Randomness

Androids are one of the more difficult races to do random rolls for. A lot of the information doesn’t really pertain to them. In this case after randomly rolling the deity and getting a dwarven god I choose to roll on the random background charts as if he were a dwarf.  So we have a slightly less than average intelligent Android that is somehow influenced by dwarves. I think its funny he has a high constitution and a low charisma like most dwarves do so that should be interesting.

Gender: None
Height:6’ 2”
Alignment:Lawful Neutral

Str: 12
Dex: 12
Con:  18
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Cha: 11

Homeland: Hills or Mountains
Parents: Only your father is alive.
Siblings: You have 4 biological siblings.
- biological younger sister
- biological older sister
- biological younger sister
- biological older brother
Circumstance of Birth: [Lower-Class Birth] You were born among peasants or slum denizens. You grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement.
Parent's Profession: Soldiers
Major Childhood Event: [Fall of a Major Power] In your early years, an old power with far-reaching influence fell into decline. This could have been an empire, a major organization or gang, or a person such as a benevolent king or evil dictator. Your early memories were founded in a world where this great power affected your region for good or ill.

Influential Associate:[The Boss] You once gained employment under an organized and powerful individual with farreaching influence. When the boss was present, everyone listened. This could have been a military commander, tribal chieftain, guild leader, or gang leader. From the boss, you learned how to make people listen, make them see reason, and keep them in line.

Conflict: [Minor Failure] You failed a friend, family member, or loved one who depended on you to fulfill an important task.
Conflict Subject: Family member.
Conflict Motivation: Money.
Conflict Resolution: [Denial] You feel little if any regret, and deny the event mostly so others won’t judge you. Few if any know of your part in the conflict, and your constant denials are meant to keep it that way.
Deity/Religious Philosophy:Kols

Romantic Relationship(s): [Several Inconsequential Relationships] You have had many lovers but no long-lasting, meaningful relationships.
Drawback: [Self-Doubt] No matter what you do, it’s never good enough. You cannot help but see in your victories many little defeats and failures. If you were stronger, smarter, faster, or more powerful, maybe you could be better. However, stuck in the body and mind you have, you feel you’re destined to fail.

(Trait) Goldsniffer
(Trait) Highlander
(Trait) Kin Guardian
(Trait) Natural-Born Leader
(Trait) Poverty-Stricken
(Trait) Tactician
(Trait) Strict Judgement
(Trait) Worldly
(Drawback) Doubt

In the comments please tell us what character you would make with these disparate pieces information? What class would this android naturally gravitate towards? Why do they follow a dwarvengod ? Who was the powerful person they learned under? And don’t forget to stay tuned Friday when my background hits the CRB.

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