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Friday, June 30, 2017

Character 83 - Keresk Dragn

Illustration by Luis Perez
This week’s random rolls left me with some hard choices. The strength and constitution being high meant some kind of melee fighter was probably the go to. The high intelligence could have led to any number of intelligence casters. The stats in and of themselves screamed Magus, but the background bits did not lead me to think caster. So after a search I had the choice between the two skilled fighter archetypes and I went with Tactician. So now we have a chance to meet our military minded Kellid born Dhampir from Brevoy.

Keresk Dragn

Life in the tribe was never something that felt right to Hurak Dragn. He felt like an outsider even among his own people. Scraping by in the blasted lands of Numeria, always afraid of what the fallen star stuff would spawn next. So he left his homeland with his new wife and set out to the west.

Brevoy always seemed like a land of opportunity and Hurak being the outgoing type skipped over the small towns and made his way to one of the biggest cities, Restov. Although he had little in the way of what would be considered civilized skills he did have quite the repertoire of musical ability. His skill at some of the traditional musical instruments of the Kellids was a selling point and after a few months performing on corners in the market square he was picked up as a novelty by one of the local taverns.

Kellid music was apparently a hit as, after a few years, Hurak was requested from taverns across the city. Even some minor nobles started having him at parties to play for them. The music had become a talking point, although these same nobles always spoke of it as ‘savage music.’ Hurak had made a small name for himself regardless and had settled into a nice life just in time for his wife to become pregnant.

Hurak’s big performance came while his wife was midway through her pregnancy, one of the swordlords was throwing a gala and he was invited to perform.  He was invited to bring his family with him to enjoy the festivities as well and so he did. The evening was full of music – his music – and dance. But after the event his wife fell ill.

For the rest of her pregnancy his wife was bed ridden. There were even a few close calls where the midwife thought that the child was lost. The entire ordeal drained the kellid woman who seemed cold and pale all the time. When the child was born, Hurak’s wife passed, the struggle was just too much for her and she succumbed to whatever sickness had plagued her.

Illustration by Luis Perez
The first son in any Kellid family is celebrated but Keresk son of Hurak was not. It was hard to celebrate the birth of a son and grieve the death of a wife at the same time. This was made especially difficult because of how obviously different the child was. Although he had his parents features – the traditional angular facial structure of the Kellids – he had none of their ruddy complexion. His skin was pale, almost white and much like his ailing mother, cold to the touch.

After his wife’s death Hurak went into a slump, he just couldn’t perform with the same enthusiasm he once had. Bills began to pile up as the mourning Kellid barely made it out of his house on most days. After weeks of his landlord coming by for payment the man finally stopped. When Hurak inquired about it the landlord said he was paid and also that some monies were left for him with a note. The folded slip of paper read, “for care of your son.”

It would be many months before Hurak could perform and when he did it was never as good as his older work. But no matter what his son was never in want for anything. When it came time for school Keresk was accepted at one of the better learning institutions. And although he took after his people’s tradition of strength and vigor he apparently also had a keen intellect.

Keresk through all his years of schooling seemed to gravitate toward military history. He was no slouch when it came to actual combat, but where he really excelled was tactics and strategy. Like everything in the boy’s life when he expressed interest in the field his father found that his tuition had been paid to one of the military academies in Restov.

His love of military life had always meant that Keresk liked to keep his life in a certain amount of order. He was strict with himself even if others weren’t. He also expected those above him to conform to proper regulations and standards. When one of the majors teaching his class had taken the students on maneuvers and through the officers negligence one of the students died, Keresk didn’t understand why their wasn’t punishment. The young Kellid understood military order but he did not understand politics and why the son of a noble could get away with the death of another.

In Keresk’s mind justice had not been served and so he set about making it right. For the boy justice was something that was swift and unforgiving; an eye for an eye. Keresk followed the officer on his daily routine and when the time was right he struck. A long sword pierced the man’s chest and Keresk meted out justice of his own. He then disposed of the body so it looked like the man had abandoned his post.

Upon graduation Keresk enlisted with the local militia. He wanted nothing but to serve, that is until he fell in love. The woman was a beauty, and a noble to boot. Keresk would have had no chance if she didn’t approach him. Something seemed familiar about her with her pale skin and dark eyes. The two became inseparable.

With the help of his lover Keresk moved up in the ranks of the militia. And she helped him find his way through high society as well. Where she would point he would go to the point of dedicating himself to the same Infernal Duke she worshiped. Eventually she revealed the she was a vampire and the one whose influence allowed him to be born. She charged him with not only being her lover, but her agent in the mortal world.

Now Keresk roams Brevoy doing the bidding of his lover. In some cases joining other adventurers if it furthered his mistresses goals. He carries with him a pendant with her picture inside to remind him why he travels so far from his home. His deeds always influenced by her will.

Where did your Dhampir’s background lead you? What class did he choose? Where did his inheritance come from? How did his mother die? Who did he kill?And why?

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The character illustration was created by the fine artist Luis Perez. You can find him on TwitterTumblr, and on Instagram at luisperezart

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