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Friday, June 16, 2017

Character 81 - Akara

This week’s random rolls took me quite some time to hammer out. I had the idea of the story I wanted in my head but I needed to see if I could find the mechanics to marry to it. Finding ways to get the longspear usable with monk abilities like flurry was a huge pain. Luckily crowdsourcing helped me figure it out.

I already had a base of knowledge to build off on the society of the kasatha as I’d done my own write up of them. So even without much written in the canon of the race there was enough to influence where I went. So now I happily present to you the culmination of these random tidbits with my kasatha monk.


In the intervening time since the Rain of Stars a handful of kasatha have emerged from their stasis chambers and found a home on Golarion, mostly in Numeria. However, it wasn’t until the Iron Gods, in particular Hellion the Lord of Rust, made their presence known and adventurers opened other pods that more of these creatures came to Avistan.

Although Numeria is in large a barren waste, it is a very dangerous place. Not all of the kasatha who emerged opted to stay. When the Technic League and others began hunting down these alien life forms, a group of three small families led by one tribal matriarch set to the east. They crossed out of Numeria, through the more civilized lands of Brevoy, and into the secluded wilderness of Iobaria. This is where Akara was born.

The small tribe established their own village, something far afield from their nomadic ways on the desert planet. But this is not their planet. Like most of the other inhabitants – even the humans – the kasatha were insular. They would occasional don complete body coverings and trade is some of the larger towns.  Because of this isolation Akara saw naught but other of her own people for her time growing up.

Akara’s favored aunt was just coming into her own and heading out on her Tempering, a wandering rite of passage, as she was coming into her early childhood. When she left Akara’s relative gave her a small pendant that she said would protect her. Her aunt would return every few years but the wandering spirit had gripped her while she traveled, although she did always return with the most interesting tales.

Settling had never been part of the kasatha way of life. Eventually all the perils that come from groups living in close proximity with each other and not moving plagued to the kasatha village, just on a smaller scale. The family of the Iliak clan had been the group’s leader on their travels and they felt that they should continue to be in charge once they settled. Although their attempt were rebuked, the Iliaks still tried methods of control through fear and intimidation.

Akara spent much of her childhood watching her family or another get pushed around by the Iliaks and this was something she always hated. When one of the younger Ilaik boys – just a little older than her - fell in love with a girl from one of the lower families, Akara used this information to humiliate the boy, and his family. She always felt bad for the girl but her disgust of the Iliak family would often let her overcome those feelings.

As the young kasatha grew older it was nearing her time for her own tempering. Only one more year before she could go out on her own and see the world as her aunt was still doing. In her excited Akarabegan taking bigger risks. Could she jump that span? Climb that tree? Outrun that bear? This was her way of testing the world around her, but in the end it was also one risk to many.

Akara came crashing to the ground after an errant swing of a branch from her favorite tree. She landed on her back and hit her head on a rock. Her adventures would have soon been over, except that the neck piece her aunt had given her began to glow. The metal crumbled to dust, and just as quickly as the damage was done it was healed.

On the day of her own tempering her aunt returned, much changed. She still retained her wanderlust but her demeanor was calmer. After the ceremony to send Akara off into the world her aunt said that she would travel with her for a while, that she wanted to introduce her to someone.  Once her bags were packed the younger kastha made her way off into the world with her long time mentor and confidant.

In the wilds of IobariaAkara met her aunt’s mentor, an old human with a long white beard and a stony demeanor. He had travel from a far off land, forever separated from his love because of their families. In his travels he settled in this uncivilized land because he was able to communicate with the spirits much like his patron Tsukiyo.

Akara spent years training with her aunt’s sensei. Often with her relation when she wasn’t away, she learned the finer points of using the longspear and tempering her own spirit. When their teacher passed a mere six years into the young kasatha’s training the two returned to their village.

Although Akara loved home she had a wandering spirit much like her aunt. Unlike her aunt however, she found it hard to leave again. When the aunt didn’t return after two years Akara finally broke down and set her sights on finding her favored relation. Taking little more than her spear and some food the kasatha set forth into the great world on her search.

Where did you take the background of your kasatha? What class did she choose? How did she come to follow a Tian deity? Which family member was her childhood influence? Where did she receive her magical gift from?

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The character illustration was created by the fine artist Luis Perez. You can find him on TwitterTumblr, and on Instagram at luisperezart

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