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Friday, June 2, 2017

Character 79 - Brickwell Seaprickle

An evil gnome, that’s where I started with this week’s random rolls. I didn’t know a lot about the Steaming Sea so I had to do a lot of research on that. One of the hardest aspects to figure out was the fall of something, which I decided to interpret as a change in power because there haven’t really been any “falls of something” in power in this character’s lifetime. But all in all, things tied up neatly in the end.

As for class, with the high charisma and intelligence it always looked like this character was going to be some kind of caster. However, the low dexterity meant that I needed to find a way for him to wear heavy armor.  Living in lands that are mostly controlled by the ulfen, one of the raging classes, seemed like the best choice and the steelblood archetype for bloodrager allows them to wear heavy armor. So, I found a way to tie story and stats together to pick just the right class.

Brickwell Seaprickle

Originally from the mainland, the Seaprickle family has always been shipbuilders. Not just builders of ships but sailors of them as well. When Brickwell’s father built a ship to transport a number of gnomes out to the floating island of Gogpodda in the Steaming Sea, he packed up his wife and daughter and then set sail on what to this day he claims is his most beautiful vessel.

Brickwell was born on the lump of floating debris, as was his second and younger sister. Life on the island however, wasn’t everything his father had wanted. There was little call for newly built ships and the Seaprickle patriarch was not an explorer by trade. When the “island” floated closer to one of the landmasses in the Broken Bay, the now family of five took a boat to shore and stayed there, setting up in the Ulfen city of Bildt.

Although the town was a bit chaotic, with no king having been crowned since the death of Kemic Quicktongue hundreds of years ago, the seafaring Ulfen appreciated the elder Seaprickle’s ability as a shipwright. Things changed when the next Linnorm King came to power, the cruel  Ingimundr the Unruly. The level of aggression of the native Ulfen increased, especially toward non-Ulfen, but the Seaprickle ships were still much sought after and that kept the gnomish family (mostly) out of trouble.

Brickwell actually reveled in the new aggressive attitude of the people of his home city. He had grown up on stories of the Ulfen berserkers and despite his size had always wished to become one. From earliest childhood he hoped to become one of these enraged warriors, but he knew it was not his place. Although, not everyone thought he should give up on his dream.

One of the young gnome’s best friends was a man named Ulgred the Backward. He was what some might call contrary. He looked at life through a skewed worldview. Some said this gave him insight but others said he was just crazy. No matter what he truly was, he was always supportive of Brickwell’s ‘crazy’ dreams. His parents never understood, but they certain saw the effect the odd fellow had on their son and it seemed to keep the bleaching off the boy.

The city of Bildt got rougher and competition set in. Other Ulfen shipwrights wanted their boats to be used by their kinfolk. Many rivals of the Seaprickle clan called to have them banished or imprisoned, but the many sailors who used their ships protected the gnomes. Still, the words hurt and the vandalism didn’t help either.

The family’s biggest rival came from a clan long known for their history as raiders. They could trace back their clan’s ship to the early days when the Ulfen ruled the seas here. Their verbal and even physical attacks were the worst and it pushed Brickwell over the edge. The eldest son was the biggest bully and constantly pushed at Brickwell. One day the gnome let his anger get to him and he lashed out, killing the boy where he stood.

Brickwell’s rage came with side-effects. His flesh began to twist under his clothes. Part of  him was covered in a clear shell like cocoon. He was changing, becoming something else. The anger, it turned out, was in his blood, and his blood possessed a taint from something else. And that something had killed, an act that Brickwell not only felt no regret for. An act he actually enjoyed.

The gnome’s search for answers about what was happening to him led him along many avenues. It turns out that in the new Bildt there are many dark places and sinister people. One of these groups that found Brickwell was a cult to a dead and then resurrected Daemon. Others who had been through changes because of their blood took to his worship and they accepted Brickwell into their ranks.

The gnome now seeks nothing more than destruction and he has become that which he always sought. His rage, like that of the Ulfenberserker,s gives him strength and power. His body is still changing and to hide it he covers himself in heavy armor, learning to use his new abilities even in this protective shell. Maybe one day he can shed his man-made cocoon and become something greater.

How did you tie together all the loose ends? What class did your gnome choose? Why did he murder someone? Who was his fool associate? When did he find the Daemon Harbinger, Llamolaek?

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