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Friday, May 26, 2017

Character 78 - Bekerra Bloodbreath

Our orc this week in our random rolls gave us some limited choices in classes. Pretty much any caster class was out or she wouldn’t be able to cast any spells. Her eventual turn from the traditional orcish chaotic evil to becoming lawful neutral ment barbarian was out as a class as well. So I decided on her becoming a fighter. Not a traditional role for orcish women but then the joy was in making that work.

Bekerra Bloodbreath

When the orcs that would become rulers of what is now known as the Hold of Belzkan were pushed up from the Darklands, not all of them made their way onto the surface of Golarion. Some used side tunnels to escape their pursuers and then settled into the upper Darklands once the threat of the dwarves had passed.  Bekerra Bloodbreath’s tribe is one of these remnants of the might that was the Orcs of below.

Like most of these Darklands tribes the Crackbone orcs clan is small due to scarcity of space and resources. The Crackbones inhabit the tunnels under the Tusk Mountains on the border of the Hold and what is now the Worldwound. This left the clan with not just enemies below ground but above as the forces of the Demon Horde sought to not just take the surface of Golarion, but everything to its core. So the Crackbone clan was in a constant state of war against these abyssal forces.

Because the Bloodbreath family is related to the chief, Bekerra’s father held no small amount of influence and thus he was allowed a larger brood than most. She was one of eight children, including her twin brother. Like many orc female orcs though Bekerra was treated as little more than cattle, a prize to be won by the strength of a male in her tribe.

The repressed orc knew this was the way of her people and she was constantly fighting a war in her own mind about it. These rebellious thoughts opened her to the whispers in the dark. The demons had been on the losing end of many battles and were forced to take a different route to battle the orcs that wouldn’t join their cause. Bekerra became a host for one of these shadows from the upper world when her father promised her to one of the male orcs from his war party.

Bekerra wasn’t the only one consumed by the fiend, her connection to her twin allowed the demons to worm their way into his mind as well. When the two rebelled and Bekerra would not lay with her new mate the orc attack her father. In the battle her sire was slain and now the warrior took not just her but her mother and siblings into their tents.

Bekerra fought back in every way possible. She wormed secrets from the other women and finding what she could she cast doubt on the loyalty of her father’s killer by putting information about his mother and brothers in the chief’s ear. The fiend pushed her and her brother ever forward into causing havoc in her tribe. But the tribes shaman found her out.

In a long and very painful ritual the demons were torn from the souls of Bekerra and her brother. The chaos in their minds was gone, but so was the family and tribe that they knew. The two made a pact and steeled themselves for a journey to face the surface. They ran from kith and kin to start a new life elsewhere.

The tunnels they followed led them up to the surface between the foothills of the Tusk Mountains and the north end of the Shudderwood. The light burned their eyes but they made for the thick wood to keep the ‘scorching angel’ from destroying them. Even in the daylight the forest was under a constant shadow. The two travelled till they found an odd statue in the wood, and there they rested.

The twins had a fitful nights sleep full of dreams and nightmares. The demons that inhabited them still haunted them but in their sleeping hallucinations they were called upon by a twin soul much like their own. When they awoke Bekerra’s brother chipped two little fetishes out of stone, depictions of he and his sister. He left them at the foot of the statue.

Although she didn’t truly understand it, her twin said they were chosen. That the wood had a connection to a place called the first world. It was all strange to her but when he began to be able to cast minor spells, she followed his lead. They were the twins, warriors of the dual souled Imbrex. He would wield his power and she would protect him with her might.

They fey of the Shudderwood gave the pair a wide berth at first. When the twins began using their might to beat back the demons that would try to corrupt the wood, the creatures of the first world became friendlier. Now the two have purpose and strict and ordered minds like the stone statues of their patron. Never again will they allow the chaos without become the chaos within.

Is this how your character turned out? What class did your orc choose? Who was the demon that possessed her? What was the war of her childhood? Why did she take up the worship of Imbrex?

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  1. I'm enjoying these characters, good stuff!

  2. Thank you kindly I enjoy making them.