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Friday, April 7, 2017

Charachter 71 - Ubjani Forstclaw Jornson

This week’s random rolls brought us a thoroughly evil Undine. He is a son of slaves, adopted by merchants. He becomes a mass murder and an arsonist only to survive a trial by water. With a high wisdom and constitution but a low charisma our class choices were tough.

To be honest I wanted to go rage prophet, it really fit the idea but there was no way to get the oracle class to use wisdom instead of charisma as their main stat. I also couldn’t find any archetypes that gave wisdom casting classes an oracle curse. I eventually settled on shaman for the base class, but the concept really needed him to have rage, so I did something I’ve never done before. Our Undine Shaman is also a variant multiclass barbarian and will receive rage at third level.

Ubjani Forstclaw Jornson

The Ulfen that live in the Broken Bay consider themselves the true inheritors of their people’s old ways. Although not openly condoned the Linnorm King ruler of the region, Ingimundr the Unruly allows his people to be the raiders he knows they can be. In their raids the take grain, livestock, metalwork, and sometimes people. It is among these captured slaves that the parents of Ubjani Frostclaw Jornson came to be together.

His mother was from the Mwangi Expanse, one of the Bekyar. Her people were themselves slavers as well as demon worshipers. The arrival of the Chelish colonists in Sargava meant that the Bekyar got a taste of their own medicine as many of them were enslaved. She was taken from Garund and brought to Cheliax itself. From there Ulfen raiders took her and she ended up in the capital city of Bildt in the Broken Bay.

Ubjani’s father, Jorn, was from one of the other settlements of in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. He was one of the berzerkers of his tribe but he fell in battle; fell but lived. In his disgrace he was taken as a slave and carted off to Bildt, which is where he met the woman who would become Ubjani’s mother.

Among many of the Ulfen clans the children of slaves are not themselves slaves. Ubjani was adopted by a merchant family who couldn’t conceive children of their own. After they were born his siblings were also adopted by various friends or family members of his parent’s master. Ubjani kept in touch with his parents but he barely saw his other siblings.

Among her people Sokhali was a spirit speaker, she channeled the will of the outer planes through their spiritual intermediaries. The being whose will she made clear to her tribe was a creature by the name of Aesdurath. This creature was not a demon, but a Daemon Harbinger (link Daemon Harbinger) of immortality, especially liches. Only those chosen would live forever and Sokhali would guide her son on the search to live forever by being the chosen of Aesdurath.

Ubjani’s life was hard; his adopted parents treated him like dirt. He knew that his parents would never be free. Although his mother continued to teach him, he just never had the connection to the spirit world that she did. His anger turned inward and ate away at him. His only friend was his adopted parent’s daughter, to whom he felt he could confide everything. She would listen to everything he had to say, even about her parents, the two were inseparable.

The owners of Ubjani’s parents found themselves in possession of a true fighter, an orcish slave. Because he was prized for his strength they let him take many liberties. One of those liberties was to force himself on Ubjani’s mother. When a half-orc child was born Ubjani’s rage grew even more.

One day the boy’s temper got the best of him and he rushed to the place where the mercantile owners of this parents worked. In his fit of anger he burned down the building they were in while they were in it, also destroying a number of other buildings and killing others in the process. His adopted parents were among those who also died and this turned his confidante and best friend against him.

Ubjani was caught and imprisoned. His eventual sentence was to be taken by the ocean. This trial by water touched something inside of him that forced out the connection to the spirit world given by his mother, and apparently a connection to the elemental plane of water itself from somewhere in his father’s line. Like going through puberty a second time, Ubjani manifest himself into one of the creatures known as the Undine and connected to the spirits of Aesdurath in the form of a fierce looking storm crow.

Ubjani made his escape and is now a wanted man in the Broken Bay. He travels, seeking to figure out his path as set before for him by his patron. He is hunted by his former confidante, who seeks to kill him for what he did to her family. One day he will learn to harness his rage and bring an immortal magical destruction to all those who have harmed him.

The creation of our undine shaman is complete, but mine is not the only interpretation out there. What class did your undine choose? How did he come to worship Aesdurath? Who did he kill and why? How did his parents meet and become slaves?

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