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Friday, March 24, 2017

Character Exploration 69 - Iria Hightassel

Gnomes are a very interesting race on Golarion, seekers of new experiences. This week’s random rolls gave us a charismatic, intelligent gnome who was lacking in wisdom and dexterity. Although her parents were entertainers the deity which she followed was a hero god of spears which seemed more martial to me. So this week I went with fighter, in particular the Polearm Master. It works best with traits that give Knowledge (History) and Diplomacy as class skills.

Iria Hightassel

Iria was born in a small gnomish settlement in the Forest of Veils in the south eastern county of Varno.  One of many defense forests within the counties borders, the gnomes of the region go mostly unnoticed by the human inhabitants. Conte RisotmaurTiriac extremely hands off approach to governing leaves the humans as well as the gnomes to their own devices mostly, a situation the gnomes appreciate.

The regions – some say unnatural – weather variations give the county lengthy periods of plenty, followed by just as long periods of drought. During the times of plenty the inhabitants natural suspicions calm and in these times many of the gnomes choose to travel. Iria’s parents would take to the roads to bring their theatre troupe to the masses. Her older brother joined the group when he was of age, and Iria spent a lot of her early childhood traveling with them.

In times of famine those gnomes who still had the bug for wanderlust would follow their feet far from the borders of Varno. One such gnome was Iria’s uncle Farstalarament. Mostly he was called Farstrider because he would leave home for extended periods and travel the length and breadth of Golarion. Uncle Farstrider was by far Iria’s favorite relative and she looked forward to his visits home.

On occasion Uncle Farstrider would stay an extended period. During one such visit during a season of bounty Iria opted to stay home with her uncle instead of travelling with her parents. This time around he returned from a trip to archipelago of Iblydos. Like the human populace of Varno the gnomes were exceedingly pious, on his trip Uncle Farstrider converted from the worship of Desna to the worship of one of Iblydos' Hero-Gods Psomeira.

She spent the years with him learning at his feet. Iria trained in the traditional spear style that the Psomeira faith used. She also studied topics ranging from history to religion. Uncle Farstrider became the most enduring influence on her life. Eventually the favored uncle returned to his travelling roots.

When the gnomish community became insular during the lean times relationships had a tendency to grow. Iria had eyes for another young gnome named Harttlethop. The two became almost inseparable.  Although Iria loved him his often riotous nature would clash with her need for order. After one of his many off the cuff attempts at adventure she exploded. She destroyed a locket which had a picture of his mother. Harttlethop was as always forgiving, but to this day on occasion Iria feels the pangs of regret for her outburst.

After many years Iria was expecting a return of Uncle Farstrider. In his place however, an elf entered the small village bearing her mentor’s spear and seal. The elf claimed to be a companion of Iria’s uncle and regreted to inform her that he fell as they were fighting demonic forces in the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. Uncle Farstrider had always said that if he perished his belongings should be returned to Iria.

Her uncle’s death tore at Iria’s soul. Were it not for Harrtlethop she would have lost herself. Among her uncles belongings were his spear and a number of books. The tomes included notes of his own travels and a prayer book to Psomeira. In honor of her uncle Iria converted to the worship of the Hero-God and promised to take up his spear and continue his journey.

Iria set out to head from home. Her first stop would be the city of Aelyosos, in Iblydos so that she might officially be recognized by the church. Always up for something new Harrtlehop choose to travel with her on her adventure. Even her brother who longed for the road and a chance to learn from the great acting masters decided to tag along. And thus three gnomes left the Forest of Veils for adventure.

My interpretation of these bits of information isn’t the only way to build this character. What class did your gnome choose? How did he come to worship Psomeira a minor and still mortal deity so far from home? Who was the relative that he was so close to? Which relative died? Was it her mentor?

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