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Friday, March 10, 2017

Character Exploration 67 - Aten

Gnolls are usually thought of as brutish and uncivilized. But what happens when one of the hyena-folk gives up the chaos and barbarism of his people for order? What happens when he seeks to be a ruler of not just a tribe but a kingdom? This week our random rolls have brought us a Gnoll who instead of the usual strong and chaotic, is lite, charismatic, and orderly. Meet Aten the dervish dancer bard.


Generations ago Aten’s people inhabited the land now known as the Mana Wastes. After the great war between the wizards cursed the land with magical disturbances his people fled. They fled north across the badlands of their home. Some found solace in the sands of Katapesh but Aten’s people moved on through to the land of Osirion.

An age had passed between the time of journey and the time of exodus and the time of plenty. Aten’s people had grown and grown again expanding into more than one tribe. Because the land was good to his people many of his people adapted to the land by adopting their gods. Sekhmet, and Set became two of the most often worshiped among the hyena-folk.

Aten’s family was well respected among his tribe. His father was a master weaponsmith and his mother was a storyteller. Aten was the middle of six children, so as his family flourished so too did the tribe. His older brother and one of his older sisters took to the sands in raiding parties and this is all Aten ever wanted to do as a child. He believed he could feel the cold steel of one of his father’s scimitars in his hand as he charged across the sand to battle.

When his older brother turned on his father his dream was ended. He always looked to his sibling as a bastion of strength, but such is the nature of the gnoll tribe, kill or be killed. His brother wanted the family sword to aid him in battle; his father wasn’t done using it so his brother solved that problem. From then on he knew he could only rely on himself.

The thing about relying on yourself is that with no one else to lean on you are often susceptible to other manipulations. The hole in Aten’s soul was the perfect space for a being of pure evil to inhabit. It helped build him up speaking of his destiny, saying he should lead his family, lead his tribe. It trained him to move his body as one with the blade as if in a dance and told him that everything would one day be his.

When the time was right he set upon his brother just as his brother set upon his father. His older sibling came at him with fury and rage but Aten’s body moved with the song of the desert in precise timed movements. In the end skill and precision beat out brute strength and anger. It didn’t hurt that the fiend within lent him some of its own power. But his brother was slain, and Aten now held his family sword.

When he achieved his inheritance the fiend inside him fled. But that empty space still needed to be filled. The stories of the homeland of his people came to mind. The mana wastes were still a badlands but they were his ancestral home. Right then and there he made his choice, he would take back a portion of their lands and become the chief of his own tribe.

His travels took him through Osirian as he sought to make a name for himself to bring others of his people to his cause. He would tell any who would listen of his goal to become a chief. The humans never understood, and their nobility looked down at him. One such noble laughed at him in front of a group at a tavern. Aten may not have been the smartest gnoll but he was cunning an charismatic. He set up the other noble and caused him to lose face in front of his peers, this soothed Aten’s pride.

Building his empire wouldn’t come easy and his tribe patron god was not known for creating but destroying. Aten’s time among the humans allowed him the benefit of seeing the usefulness of other deities. When he first showed up at the temple of Horus he was turned away but his desire for leadership made him persistent. Eventually the priesthood allowed him entry and he soon converted.

Finding followers wasn’t a simple task. Aten has switched goals. He looks to head south through Osirian, then Katapesh, and into the Mana Wastes. He believes if he can make a name their, and carve out a kingdom others will come. He will lead them with his father’s scimitar and the dance of the dervish.

How did your gnoll choose to worship Horus? Did he focus on the leadership aspect or one of the other pieces of his portfolio? What class did you choose for our dexterous, and Charismatic Gnoll? How did his father die? What influence did the possessing fiend have on him?

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