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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pick A Card, Any Card

The Lucky of Irez

Illustration by Luis Perez.
Irez, the Empyreal Lord of cards, scribes, and spells. Although Desna is known as the creator of the Harrow Deck, many Harrow readers worship Irez not just for her attachment to the cards, but because she is the lady of symbolism and magic. Little is known about The Lady of Inscribed Wonders or her followers. That leaves us with an open canvas to present some possible sects.

As always, let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of Irez. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of The Lady of Inscribed Wonder. What character do you make?

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Keepers of the Sacred Scroll

In a monastery somewhere in the heart of Galt resides a small sect of followers of Irez. Within these walls the brothers keep a scroll – one long piece of parchment – which contains all of the knowledge that the brothers have. Recorded on it are histories, stories, legends, and even spells. To keep this knowledge fresh and up to date, every five years the brothers completely rewrite the scroll with all its previous knowledge as well as that which has been collected over the intervening years.

The collection of knowledge comes both from the brothers themselves and other worshipers of Irez. The brothers each take a yearlong journey from the monastery to gather as much new lore as they can. Other followers of The Lady of Inscribed Wonder may seek to learn from the scroll or the brothers themselves. To be allowed access to either, one most present a previously unknown tidbit to be added to the scroll. Particularly interesting bits of information will see the one who delivers it offered full admittance to the brotherhood.

The Bettor’s League

The League is actually a multi-denominational group of gamblers out of Varisia. The sect consists of ethnic Varisians, Gnomes from Whistledown, and assorted odds-takers from Magnimar where mystery cults to the Empyreal Lords are common. The Bettor’s League sees worshipers of Irez, Desna, and Nivi Rhombodazzle come together to have a go at games of chance against each other.

The group exists in most major cities in Varisia, except for Korvosa. Members tend to be travelers and the private gambling houses run by the group allow them to whet their appetite for games of chance in a safe environment. Cards games are by far the most common, and some of the best towers players in all of Avistan come from among the ranks of The Bettor’s League

The Runic Masters

Although dwarves have their own racial deities, and are also not known for dabbling in arcane magics. The Runic Masters are the exception to both of these rules. Runes have always been a major part of dwarven society, their language is written in a runic form. The dwarven followers of Irez – although considered oddballs by their peers – have learned to harness the inherent power in the runes that they were taught to use as children. Although Irez mainly deals in arcane magic some of the runic masters are also clerics of the Empyreal Lord and become Theurges, using both forms of magic.

Admittance into the dwarven sect of the Lady of Inscribed Wonder is a very structured affair. Like many dwarven occupations from smithing to fighting, a supplicant must undergo rigorous training and testing. The ability to write almost five hundred runes – some extremely obscure – from memory is one of the major hurdles one must overcome to call oneself a Runic Master. The fact that not many dwarves seek to worship outside their own pantheon and the grueling testing to join the sect means there are actually very few Runic Masters.

The followers of the Empyreal Lord of scribes and cards come from all walks of life. Who is your disciple of Irez? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to The Lady of Inscribed Wonder? Where does their devotion come from? Let me know in the comments.

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The opening illustration was created by a fine artist Luis Perez. You can find him on TwitterTumblr, and on Instagram at luisperezart.


  1. Irez sacred animal is a Roc and I always wanted to play a Primal Companion Hunter with a Roc animal companion. Irez is also a “powerful agathion Empyreal lord”. Idyllkin aasimar immediately came to mind but whenever I play an aasimar I use the halo alternate racial trait, I think the idea of creating my own light is more divine than being able to see in the dark. Here is the short background story I came up with:

    Born in the city of Katapesh, my idyllkin parents thought they would be divinely protected on a journey through the Brazen peaks to Ipeq and the Crook Lyceum. I do not know if they survived the journey but one night gnolls snuck into our camp and stole me away. I was barely a decade old at the time. They kept me as a slave instead of selling me. They called me their angel. It made sense due to the halo that would alight whenever I was afraid or needed to see in the dark.

    Diplomacy was always my strong suit. I also had a natural, gentile ability with animals, especially birds. One day, after a half century of enslavement to The Ghulveis, due to their hopes that I could divinely cure their flesh-wasting disease, I escaped into the mountains. My escape appeared short lived when a roc plucked me up and deposited me into its nest of four, hatching eggs. I was not the only living creature in the nest, there were two gnolls from other tribes, a half-orc, and a variety of desert animals including a camel. As a piece of the egg in front of me fell to my feet the others scattered away. I looked straight into the eye of the roc chick that was still mostly within its egg. The roc looked back at me. It felt wrong to break the eye contact to I stared into that green eye surrounded by bloody red feathers until the bird, as tall as I was, emerged fully from its shell. I heard cries as the other three chicks attacked the others in the nest. My roc simply tested his wings then lifted off. A white roc with gore around its beak hopped towards me. Then I was lifted out of the nest. Looking up I saw my rocs deep rose belly feathers. We have been inseparable ever since.

    1. Good job. I'm again for some reason no receiving emails even though I thought I fixed that. But this is exactly the kinda thing I like to see. They few other responses on other forums no one touched on the Roc aspect of Irez.