CRB is a repository of all the creative things that float through my mind about the RPG Pathfinder. Two major features are random character generation and building characters based on the god they worship. Anything that seems like it adds to the creative aspects of the game will pop up from time to time, including location descriptions, adventure ideas and even short stories. CRB won't just be my own creativity, it will open the floor to anyone who has an idea sparked by what I present to you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


So it seems that I haven't been getting email notifications about comments on the blog since either late August or early September which means I was under the impression people weren't commenting, which is apparently not the case. I think I've figure out the issue (and no it wasn't going to my junk mail) and should get notifications again. I'll be replying to the comments I've missed and I appreciate all of your commentary.

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