CRB is a repository of all the creative things that float through my mind about the RPG Pathfinder. Two major features are random character generation and building characters based on the god they worship. Anything that seems like it adds to the creative aspects of the game will pop up from time to time, including location descriptions, adventure ideas and even short stories. CRB won't just be my own creativity, it will open the floor to anyone who has an idea sparked by what I present to you.

Monday, August 1, 2016

One Year of The CRB

Today marks the one year anniversary of The CRB. What started as a small project to showcase explorations into some of the minor divine beings from Paizo's Golarion campaign setting and what you can create from randomly rolled characters, has exploded. The CRB has not only allowed me to interact with some really great and creative people, but it helped me get my foot in the door of an actual career in games writing (cheap plug check out my published works). It has been a wild and crazy ride that I'm glad I took.

Now there are probably a ton of people to thank and so I don't miss anyone I'm just gonna do a general thank you. From the people who pushed me to start the blog in the first place, to those who help me edit, promote, and do images. From those who were reading from the beginning to those who have just joined the CRB family. From everyone who shares my work to those who have seen it and paid me to do work for them. A special shout out to those contributors to my Patreon who make it easier to spend the time writing the things you guys wanna see while still being able to survive.

And now that year one is out of the way its time to start pushing through year two. Here's to another great year of the CRB.

Thank you.

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