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Friday, August 5, 2016

Character Exploration 49 - Jubo

This week’s randomly rolled character is probably my favorite race, halflings. We see a highly intelligent, although clumsy for a halfling, resident of the Kavaa Lands in the Mwangi Expanse. A follower of the DemonLord Zura who oversees cannibalism, blood, and vampires. The choice for what kind of halfling was easy. So much so that Wednesday’s article was very specifically on the cannibal halflings of the Kavaa Lands.

Choosing a class was a bit of a harder prospect. How to choose a class that embodies the savagery and the tribal nature of the halflings while still making the most of the high intelligence? After narrowing it down I eventually went with the alchemist, a class I have yet to use in these random rolls. I liked the idea of the beastmorph and the vivisectionist; a character that studied people and animals innards to best mimic those aspects when using their mutagens.


Life in the jungles of the Kaava Lands was harsh, but the tribal halflings of the region liked it that way. It weeded out the weak and made the tribe stronger. Jubo was neither the strongest nor the weakest. He wasn’t the toughest or the most fragile. To other halflings he was a bit clumsy, but he maneuvered around as well as the humans and so he wasn’t always injuring himself. What Jubo was, was smart.

The middle child of five Jubo was often left to his own devices. The older siblings had their place in the tribe already and the younger ones still needed looking after. His family was nothing special, they mostly farmed and gathered the other necessities of life in the jungle. Jubo himself was a bit of a naturalist, he found the jungle and all its wonders fascinating—a trait he shared with his uncle Botan.

Botan was old, probably older than anyone who lived the savage life his people lived ought to be. He was considered something of a freak even among the other demon worshiping cannibal halflings. Where the tribe ate meat to sustain them, Botan had a sick need to take apart the creatures they killed. He studied the insides of other humanoids, animals, and anything else he could get his hands on. When no one was watching Jubo would join his uncle on trips to learn what made things tick.

Botan eventually died of old age. This broke Jubo deep inside. The young halfling began fearing for his own mortality. He prayed to the tribes patron, the Demon Lord Zura to become one of her vampiric minions, but that prayer went unanswered. He went to the tribe’s seer to find out about his own death, to which he was told that The Vampire Queen had already seen fit to give him the means to live longer.

It took weeks to figure out what this meant, and it wasn’t until Jubo went through the belongings of his uncle that he made the connection. Botan had always spoken of elixirs that enhance the body. His study of other creatures was a means to make these elixirs stronger and possibly stave off even death. Botan had kept some small amount of notes and from this Jubo began teaching himself.

Jubo’s explorations into the mutating agents through trial and error led to other discoveries. His burgeoning alchemical talent brought him more respect within his tribe, but also brought other rivals as well. One of these rivals was an aspiring medicine man and servitor of Zura. He claimed that Jubo was taking on his uncle’s insanity and that the Demon Lord looked unfavorably upon him. He urged the tribe to consider casting him out.

Jubo took these accusations with an uncommon amount of calm. He knew that Zura had great things in store for him, possibly even everlasting life. In the night Jubo used one of his mutating mixtures and snuck into his rival’s hut. He killed not only his accuser but his entire family. Mother, father, brothers, and sisters. In the morning the matter was settled, the more cunning had prevailed and Jubo feasted that night on the body of his enemy.

Jubo now spends his time trying to find his immortality. As time goes on this takes him further and further afield from his tribe. He knows that once he finds a way to live forever he will be the greatest asset his tribe has ever had. For now he is experimenting with further ways to make his mutating agents make him a better warrior.

A halfling that worships a cannibal god and is really smart, meet Jubo the alchemist. What would you have done with these stats? What class would you have picked? Who would his now-dead enemy or rival been? Why does he seek to stay young?

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