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Friday, August 26, 2016

Character 52 - Unitostiona Thremere

Sometimes you get lucky. Like a skinwalker with werecrocodile blood who lives in Osirian; the perfect place to have werecrocdiles really. This week’s character had an exceedingly high charisma and low wisdom, which felt to me like she could captivate people, but have a hard time really understanding their emotions. A high charisma and relatively mediocre physical stats meant she could either be a charisma caster, or possibly a Swashbuckler, or dexterity based paladin. The harrow reading really cemented it for me though, and here is my interpretation of the cards:

Signifier Card: This represents the character, in particular her highest stat and alignment. Neutral good with a high charisma. The theater could represent either that she takes after her parents who were entertainers, or she takes after the prophet who is the audience.

Card One: The Publican can represent a fellowship or a place of refuge. As an only child whose parents are both dead, her place of refuge could be many places. In this case looking at the signifier card and her parent’s background I see it as her having been taken in by performers or she spent a lot of time in a theater.

Card Two: The crows can be seen as a violent taking of that which was loved. Murder, theft, or other shocking event occurring. In this case I can mix the childhood event of betrayal and the influential associate of the fiend. She was betrayed by someone she trusted to a cult that used her as a vessel for an evil spirit.

Card Three: A talent represented by the juggler could be the ability to play with fate, or just the base ability to keep many things balanced at once to achieve a goal. The ability to mess with fate would definitely lend itself to an oracle.

Card Four: A tragedy is what the avalanche card represents. One possible future. With all the other cards in play I think this one truly put her in the path of an oracle. She can see a tragedy, impending doom, and she’s not sure what. Can she stop it, or even figure out what it is before it’s too late?

Unitostiona Thremere

Adventure and excitement are what many young folk crave. The chance to see the world can even overcome common sense. Gerard Thremere and Lianna Crovern were young and in love, and wanted to get away from their families and just be free. So they ran away. They stole money from their families and boarded the first ship out of Egorian and ended up in the Osirian capital of Sothis.

In the real world love is not always enough to conquer all, and when the money quickly ran out the two young Chelaxians found themselves on the streets of a foreign city. Although life was rough, the two had some small talent to play. Gerard had mastered juggling as taught by a jester his family hired on occasion. For her part, Lianna was an excellent dancer. But Sothis was full of street performers and the duo eventually moved on.

Travelling down the river Sphinx, the young lovers eventually ended up in the scholar city of Tephu. Their trek was not without its share of trials. The river boat was attacked in the night on three occasions and two of the other passengers were lost. Gerard came away with a wounded leg, which never healed correctly.

Tephu was better to them than Sothis had been. Its pursuit of knowledge of all kinds also left it open to the arts. There was theater, poetry, dance, and song to be found all about. The life of the entertainer never brought them much, but the idealism of youth and love saw them through. By the time she was seventeen Lianna was pregnant with their only child.

The birth of Unisotiona was a joyous occasion. She showed signs of Azlanti blood, which cropped up on occasion in Gerard’s line. The parents had high hopes for their daughter and it strengthened their resolve. Sadly that joy would soon be dashed when Gerard was murdered on the streets one night after coming home from a performance. His wife and newborn child now left without him, his death a tragedy at such a young age.

Lianna managed to march on and many of Gerard’s friends in the close-knit entertainer’s community helped raise the young one. Unis, as most of the performers called her, took naturally to performing. She was especially adept at juggling like her father. She could wow a crowd but she had problems reading them. She never quite understood the nuance of human emotion.

When she was thirteen Unisotiona’s mother died as well. This left the young juggler with nowhere to turn but the entertainers of Tephu. She practically lived in the theater and worked behind the scenes to pay her way. It was here that she fell in love with Mehren, a young Osirian boy. Sadly her idealism and lack of emotional understanding would be her undoing.

Like her parents, Unis’ love was blinding, she set to run off with Mehren and be wed. But Mehren and his family were members of a cult of the serpent god Apep the Deceiver. The young Osirian brought Unis to be sacrificed, but instead for reasons unknown to even his cultists, Apep choose to bind a demon to the young performer.

With the demon’s aid Unis escaped the cult. In the blinding flash of pure hunger she took a bite out of Mehren with a vile distended jaw. Escape from the cult, however, wasn’t escape from the thing inside of her. For years Unis had to fend off the ever growing need to devour that wracked not only her body but her soul. The creature would aid her sometimes, in exchange for the young performer gorging herself.

For three years this remained Unis’ life, until the day the Demon was excised. A soft voice eased her soul and spoke of potential. It understood loss but it also understood joy. The light in the darkness wanted her to inspire the potential in others and not lose her own love of life. It removed her demon, although the hunger remained, and showed her the potential in her by easing her through her first transformation into the reptile in her blood.

The blood of a shapechanger is no easy fate to live with, nor is a demonic hunger. What would you have done with these stats? What class would you have picked? How would you have interpreted each card in the reading?

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