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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The M(Ag)nificence of Silver

The Sacred Chains of Omrataji

Many gods have diversity of their portfolio. The Varundi god Omrataji has a clarity of purpose; he oversees all that has to do with silver, from its mining to the crafts made from it. One would assume that many of his followers are merchants and miners, but how does a god known for nobility and leadership reconcile these followers in a segregated caste system? Today we look at sects of the Spirit in Silver, and you can check out the random roll character, also a follower.

As always, let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower Omrataji. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of the Varundi deity. What character do you make?

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The Chaandee Society

The Varundi word for silver is Chaandee. The Chaandee society is a sect of Omrataji worshipers who craft silver jewelry and ornamentation for the rajahs, and even the maharaja himself. Although the main portion of the Society’s business is with these rulers, they allot work for a certain number of other clients. Getting one of these allotments is considered a great coup, and to show up to court with a piece sculpted by the Chaandee Society raises one's status exponentially. On rare occasion the Society will make a piece for someone in the lower castes, although no one knows how the recipient is actually chosen.

The Chaandee Society was originally one family of silversmiths. One of the many rajahs had a vision from Omrataji of the man who would make his wedding crown. So impressed were all who attended that many other rajahs begged to be made similar pieces. When the then maharajah saw the pieces that the rulers of his principalities were wearing he made the silversmith his personal jeweler. Since then the society has grown as apprentices outside the family were taken on to meet demand, but only the best are offered admittance as full members.

The Gathering Moles

In the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra one does not just rip ore from the ground, especially not silver. Only those chosen by Omrataii are allowed to mine the precious metal and it must be blessed as it leaves the mines from which it is found. The Gathering Moles are a sect within the church of The Spirit in Silver that oversees this process. Although the actual miners are lay people within the church, the clergy is on hand to bless every ounce of ore that makes its way to market.

Becoming one of the Gathering Moles requires a petition to the church Omrataji. The Moles are led by three special inquisitors who are said to see into the hearts of the petitioners. If the inquisitors witness silver pumping through their veins, the petitioner is granted admittance. Such is the fame of the silver miners that a number of dwarves have come to petition and converted from the worship of the dwarven pantheon to that of The Spirit in Silver.

The Silver Chains

Although most of the worshipers of Omratahi are from the kezavazresthin caste,  there is a group of holy warriors, members of the padaprajna caste. The Silver Chain are the elite of these warriors and include pure of heart fighters, paladins, inquisitors, and warpriests. The Silver Chain enter battle wielding the Spirit in Silver’s holy weapon, the spiked chain. They defend not only the church but all of the Impossible Kingdoms of Varund.

Admittance to The Silver Chain is only for those pure of heart, even for those what are not  paladins. Its members are held to a higher standard than even the priests of Omrataji. Each member must drink from a sacred silver chalice a concoction of holy water, silver, and sacred herbs. For those who are not pure of heart the mixture will not remain in their system. For those who are truly evil it burns like the fires of the nine hells. Those that survive unscathed are allowed into the ranks of the Silver Chains.

Omrataji’s Paladin Code

Silver’s nature is to shine, but also to tarnish. In its natural form it is naught but green rocks.  Through the labor of our hands and our backs we draw it from its earthy bed, distill it to its pure form, and craft it into wondrous works, and even then our labor is not done. We must care for and polish it or it shall succumb to its nature and tarnish again.  All people are like silver and only constant effort allow us to shine in the light of Omrataji

Silver are the chains that bond friends and family. It is the ring that binds husband and wife. In its way silver is the true conduit of peace and understanding. We must be as silver and bind our people in love and friendship. Violence and wrath must be the last act of the true silver warrior.

As the light of the full moon shines off of a silver dome, so must the paladin’s heart shine with the light of chaandee; a beacon in the darkness guiding those lost in the wilderness back to civilization.

The magic of the holy silver ore is its malleability, this is what makes it the metal of the rajahs. This softness allows skilled silversmiths to work it into shapes of amazing complexity, depth, and beauty. So, too, are the souls of men. The warriors of Omrataji must be like silver. A paladin must follow the teachings of Chaandee and craft themselves into the best form to serve the needs of the people. Likewise, they must understand that silver may always be recast, reworked, embossed, polished, and etched. So must a warrior of Omrataji be willing to to change as the occasion demands. Your heart, your soul, and your body must mold themselves into vessels for what is, rather than attempting to remain containers for what was.

The purity and majesty of silver exists in all the sects you’ve seen here. Who is your blessed follower of Omratai? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to the Spirit in Silver? Where does their devotion come from? Let me know in the comments.

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