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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Unburied Truth

Adherents of Zohls

Determination and truth, the cornerstones of the worship of the Empyreal Lord Zohls. Many deities have fanciful titles but Zohls only moniker is “Verity”. True principle or belief, which describes both the archon and his followers. Like many of the minor deities, however, Zohls has little to no information pertaining to the worship of his adherents. So as usual it is up to us to figure out who Zhols’ faithful are.

As always, let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of Zohls. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of the Empyreal Lord. What character do you make?

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The Cardinal Directions

Many of Zohls’ follower are archivists, but for there be archivists there must be something to archive. The Cardinal Directions are a group that takes Zohls’ domain of exploration very seriously and they seek to map out the entire face of Golarion, accurately. The maps they create are brought back to the library-temple of their patron in the city of Magnimar.

The Cardinal Directions accept any dedicated to Zohls, both priest and layperson. Entry is determined by the archivists of the library-temple and an applicant must submit a hand drawn map for consideration. Rank within the order is determined by the maps one turns in. Maps are judged on three criteria: accuracy, detail, and rarity of location. Maps of the insides of ancient ruins are in high demand as are maps of locations outside of Avistan. Some scholars have even begun to use scrying to map the other planets.

The Jurists

When you want the law applied you find an Abadarian. When you want justice done you ask for a Zohlite. The Jurists is a sect within the church of Zohls that acts as the legal defense for those they believe are falsely accused. To many the system of law is just a means to keep the wheels of civilization turning. To The Jurists, it is a means of punishing the wicked and protecting the weak and innocent.

All Jurists must hold rank within whatever legal system presides in the area of their church. Members of the Jurists are not just those who defend their clients in the court, but also those who seek out evidence that will help in this defense. This sect of Zohls church has an uncanny knack for determining the guilt or innocence of their clients. Because of this they have never defended a guilty party, at least to their knowledge.

The Wren Society

The Wren society is a small group of Zohls worshipers who thrive on solving mysteries. Everything from a current crime spree to ancient disappearances piques the interest of these would-be sleuths. What started as a small book club of mystery readers and writers has grown into what amounts to a small mystery cult of the Empyreal Lord.

Based in Taldor’s capital city of Oppara, The Wren Society initially started when a minor noblewoman named Jalise Lanspot took a liking to the mystery novels of an up-and-coming writer. As is the way of fads, when one noble finds something new many others flock to it. It wasn’t until Lady Lanspot invited the young writer, Tanver Swit, to read his work that it became something more.

Swit was a devout follower of the Empyreal Lord Zohls and his writings were actually investigations he himself had been party to. Uncovering the truth was all Swit ever wanted, and he sought to share that love through his books. Impressed by the writer’s words a number of the ladies in the club, including Lady Lanspot, took to solving mysteries of their own. Now The Wren Society can be called upon when something is amiss, and they have even accepted their first male member.

Paladin Code

I will start what I finish. Seeing a task through to the end regardless of its difficulty shows devotion to both Zohls and my fellows.

I will seek truth in all things. Not only will I refrain for outright lies, I will be forthright in all of my dealings.

The Unknown is just one more mystery to solve. My lack of knowledge shall never be my undoing and I will seek to learn what I do not know rather than just guess or dismiss that knowledge as useless.

I will walk a mile in another man’s boots before I judge him. I will base my judgements by understanding other’s situations and not expecting everyone’s trials and abilities to be the same.

Lies are to be uncovered. The truth must be brought to the fore, even if it is to my detriment. I will not suffer a lie in my presence from friend or foe.

With great determination and an eye for truth we have investigated the followers of Zohls. So who is your disciple of Zohls? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to the Empyreal Lord of Verity? Where does their devotion come from? Let me know in the comments.

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