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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Laugh and the World Laughs with You

Sects of Picoperi

The Merrygleam, also known as the Empyreal Lord Picoperi, purveyor of jokes, pranks, and surprises. Patron to all those who think outside of the box. What kinds of people follow a god of trickery, especially one that isn’t evil? In many cultures trickster gods are revered as teachers, using their jokes to guide their people to new truths. Today we’re going to look at a few sects of the great tree snake, Picoperi.

As always, let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of Picoperi. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of the Empyreal Lord. What character do you make?

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The League of Laughter

Tricksters, pranksters, jokesters, and fools. The League of Laughter is dedicated to two things; bringing a smile to those in pain and showing wrong doers the error of their ways. Not just anyone may join the League; there is a fine line between a teaching joke and a vindictive prank. Members of the League are not out for vengeance, they intend to educate.

You cannot search out the League to join and most members will deny its existence. When someone shows enough promise to be considered for membership the league finds them. Unsurprisingly, many of the League’s members are bards, but any person who can find laughter in life may be offered admission. Much of the membership consists of humans and gnomes, although one of their elders is a grizzled half-orc named Hern. He may look serious but his deep booming laughter is one of the most infectious sounds in all of Golarion.

The Cog and Wheel

This is a small guild of inventors out of Brevoy. The sect worships Picoperi in his aspect as the king of surprises. They believe the only way to further humankind is to embrace innovation and learn from new things instead of fearing them. The have a small tower on the border of Numeria and have become increasingly inquisitive of the technological marvels within their neighbor’s borders.

Members of the Cog and Wheel come from all walks of life but are intent on pushing the envelope. Investigators, rogues, bards, and wizards make up a majority of the small sect, though there are also a few clerics of Picoperi and oracles as well. Although mostly egalitarian with no official rank system, those who make the most useful advances in their field are held in the highest renown.

The Horizon Walkers

Picoperi is sometimes considered the patron to all travelers. The Horizon Walkers embrace this idea and look for the surprise over every hill and around every corner. This group of pilgrims spend their lives travelling, never truly settling in any one place. They also consider themselves guides to all those who are lost.

Although they don’t settle in one location, the Horizon Walkers do have a home. Deep in a wood expanse, supposedly somewhere in the River Kingdoms, is the lost temple of Picoperi. The temple looks, to mos,t unattended and a giant Kopak tree spreads its roots between the exterior brick work. Some of the Walkers claim the trees is actually the physical representation of Picoperi’s home on the plane of Nirvana. Every few years a Horizon Walker spends one year living in and tending to the temple before going back about his wandering ways.

The sects of Picoperi are no laughing matter, but have they helped you find your own punchline? Who is your disciple of Picoperi? Why have they chosen to dedicate themselves to the Empyreal Lord? Where does their devotion come from? Let me know in the comments.

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