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Friday, May 13, 2016

Character Exploration 37 - Gerzzelc Bonegnawer

Monday we rolled up a Monkey Goblin; strong, quick, and smarter than most of his kin. The true oddity is that while most goblins are evil and quite chaotic, he has given up his evil ways and settled into patterns and order. A lawful neutral monkey goblin is not your everyday occurrence. So the question became what to make of him? In all honesty I narrowed it down, but the class didn’t come to me until about halfway through writing the background. Thus he is a ranger with the skirmisher archetypes, as his wisdom is not conducive to casting.

Gerzzelc Bonegnawer

Mediogalti Island, the famed island home of the Red Mantis Assassins; port of call for many a pirate as they sail around the Eye of Abendego. But the human population is not the only one who all the island home. Lizardfolk, kobolds, and tribes of the long-tailed, fire-loving monkey goblins also thrive in the interior jungle. Although the largest tribe of the evil little critters reside in a treetop village of Ganda-Uj, they are not the only congregation of the goblinoids. Many of the smaller tribes do pay homage and tribute to the Ganda-Uj monkey goblins.

Gerzzelc Bonegnawer was born into a small tribe further into the interior that lived in little more than mud huts and ramshackle treehouses. Much like the rest of his tribe Grezzelc saw constant bullying from the Ganda-Uj. Soon after his younger sister was born the stronger monkey goblin tribe dragged Grerzzelc’s father back to Ganda-Uj in a sack never to be seen again.

His father’s death drove a wedge between him and his people, even his own tribe. As such he took to the jungles often to be away from his family. During his travels he came across a cave with a pyre burning out front. Curious he peeked inside, only to be whacked on the head by the end of a staff. In the cave was an old, blind lizardfolk woman whose face and neck were marked with scars from being badly burned in her past.

The lizardfolk claimed to be a seer, the voice for the goddess Feronia. Gerzzelc knew little of religion outside the demons that the goblins payed homage to, but his interest was piqued when learning of the goddess dominion over sacred flames and wildfires. For years he helped the crone keep the sacred fire burning and learning not just of Feronia, but also how to live by himself off the land. For Feronia was not just the goddess of purposefully destructive fire but also fertility and rebirth.

The teachings of the crone would change his life, but as they say: the more things change the more they stay the same. The Ganda-Uj monkey goblins began to roam further and further and eventually came across the oracle’s cavern home. While Gerzzelc was away they killed the crone and snuffed the sacred fire. When he returned to find his mentor’s body and the traces of her killers, his blood boiled and grew with its own fire.

Pure hated drove Gerzzelc to the city of Ganda-Uj itself, but once there he realized if he attacked his life too would be snuffed out. With the crone gone only he would understand the teachings of Feronia, even if he couldn’t hear her voice. Using his skills as a hunter he stole into the chief’s hut and stole small objects he knew his followers thought of as objects of power. Without those he hoped that the chief would face opposition and throw the Ganda-Uj goblins into even more chaos.

Gerzzelc Bonesnapper still resides in the jungles of the Mediogalti Island. He has moved the symbols of Feronia and built a new sacred fire which he tends. He wishes things would return to the past with the crone still there to guide his hand. Some days he hunts the Ganda-Uj monkey goblins to keep their numbers down, culling them like a forest fire does trees. Other days he’ll hire himself out as a guide in the pirate city of Ilizmagorti. An oddity to be sure, but he’s begun making a name for himself as both trustworthy and competent.

Did your character come out the same? Or did you choose a different class? In your mind why would a monkey goblin choose to worship Feronia? What happened to him to make him very so drastically in moral standing from other of his race?

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