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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

Sects of the Lost Prince

To The Lost Prince, balance is all -- but in his search for balance things get lost, forgotten, or set by the wayside. Not all beings that grant divine power are gods. The Eldest of the Fey are beings of such immense strength that, when worshipped, they can bestow upon their devotees some of their essence. The Lost Prince may seek solitude but he is never lonely, for those who have also been forgotten find him and pay him homage.

As always let us imagine we are sitting at our theoretical gaming table. Our imaginary GM sets out the rules for the game we will play. In this game, we are to make a follower of The Lost Prince. The character does not need to be a divine caster, just a devotee of this member of the Eldest. What character do you make?

For what little information there is on The Lost Prince
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Supplicants of the Black Tower

The Supplicants of the Black Tower are a group of librarians who seek to keep all of the forgotten things. Unlike followers of Norgorber, with whom they are frequently at odds, they do not seek to hide knowledge away from the world -- just hold onto it for safekeeping. Upon hearing of its existence, many a loremaster will search the wilds for the black tower itself and attempt to gain admittance. The price for entry is a piece of information that few if any know. The price to become a supplicant is to forget something important to you, your own name.

The nameless brothers of the black tower normally find the solitude of their hidden home more to their liking, but occasionally they will head out into the world. Rumors of lost libraries, forgotten wizards towers, and buried tombs of kings are all the incentive the Supplicants of the Black Tower need to venture out from their home. The lure of ancient and forgotten knowledge is the strongest thing in the world to a nameless brother.

The Black Wing Society

Where The Lost Prince himself cares little for furthering the cause of law and chaos or good and evil, not all of his followers are so inclined. The Black Wing Society feels that loss and sorrow are the only true motivators of the world and that everyone should feel this pain as they do. Members of the Black Wing Society are so mired in their own sadness that goes far past melancholy and into outright despair. Every member has had a personal loss; some have lost limbs in battle, others family members to horrible death, and still others have been spurned by someone they loved.

The Black Wing Society uses the iconography of the raven and many keep these large black birds as pets or companions. They haunt the nightmares of entire towns through acts of diabolic mischief. Stealing precious items kidnapping family members, spoiling the plans of people’s hopes and dreams. These followers of the Lost Prince feed off the despair of those around them. Although they often work alone, occasionally they well gather to despoil a particularly idyllic village, and when an unkindness of Black Wings gather only pain and death will follow.

The Unforgotten

When lost in the woods you just happen upon a guide who can lead to the forest’s edge. That is probably a member of the Unforgotten. Just because the Lost Prince deal with those things lost and misplaced doesn’t mean he intends them to stay that way. Members of the Unforgotten seek to show the good works of the fey lord. Although they still prefer the solitude of the deep woods, they know not all others do.

The Unforgotten are one of the few known sects of The Lost Prince. They do their good deeds in his name, seeking to bring better understanding of their patron. The Unforgotten will hire themselves out as wilderness guides to caravans and adventuring parties at reasonable rates. Where they excel is finding lost children, which they do for free. Many a distraught parent has come to the refuge of the Unforgotten with the tale of a missing son or daughter who wandered into the trees. The success rate of returned younglings is much higher when a devotee of the Melancholy Lord is involved.

The Darkened Verse

This is a very small sect of elves who follow the Lost Prince. Each and every one considers themselves a master poet. They try to constantly outdo each other in the most depressing lines of verse they can possibly muster. They take pride in their own personal heartbreak and sadness and see these feelings as the truest ways to express their art. Most other elvish parts see them as petulant children but the draw of their performances cannot be denied. Right now the members of the Darkened Verse are all the rage among the younger elves of Kyonin.

These are the ideas I had. The characters I pictured would fit into one of these sects. But what did you come up with? Who is your devotee of The Lost Prince? Why has your character chosen to follow this dour and obscure divine figure?

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