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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dog Eat Dog World

Riders of Zarongel

Zarongel: a Barghest so powerful it can grant divine spells to goblins. The Goblin Hero-God of dog killing, fire, and mounted combat—all things that goblins love so much. But how do goblins organize? What kind of sects will be specifically dedicated to this fel beast? At our hypothetical gaming table, where you have all been tasked with playing goblins, the GM also puts the onus on you to make your little ball of terror a worshiper of Zarongel. What do you make?

For the snippets of information available on Zarongel you can check these links. But don’t let the Goblins find out you were reading.
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The Rat Mongers

Not every Goblin can be a rider and some see it as their sacred duty to breed the divine animals of Zarongel. Considered learned for goblins, the members of the Rat Mongers are well versed in the husbandry of their peoples riding beasts. Rat Monger goblin dogs are considered the “bestest”, and often breed larger and more vicious than those not raised by Zarongel’s chosen.

The goblin dog breeders do not actually work well together, especially members of the sect from different tribes. Each group has to prove they are the superior breeders and trainers and when two or more groups get together there is usually a contest. Many times this contest is a pit fight between two of the best Goblin dogs to see which crew makes the “bestest petses”. Occasionally when the goblins are warring with outside forces and every battle mount is needed they will hold riding contests. Each group's best rider mounts up on the other groups meanest goblin dog and whoever gets thrown first loses.

The Burning Pelts

This special little group of psychopaths—with a very low life expectancy even for goblins—looks to mimic the appearance of their patron. To that end each goblin rides into battle wearing a wolf or dog pelt which he lights on fire. Many of these goblins die before even entering battle as they self-immolate as their mounts try to escape from their flaming riders. That said, a Burning Pelt who survives even a single battle is considered a hero in his own right among his tribe.

Part of the rite to join the Burning Pelts is to hunt down and kill the dog or wolf that will be your firecloak. Those who come back with the biggest pelts are, of course, given the highest rank within the group. The current fire chief of the Burning Pelts has survived not one but three assaults on the Longshanks while ablaze. His pelt is that of a giant black wolf which is too big for his diminutive body and flops around leaving burn marks on the hind quarters of his goblin dog.

The Itchy Paws

All goblins are immune to the dander of their goblin dog mounts, but some truly become one with their beasts by drying out their skin to the same itchy effect. The Itchy Paws are instantly recognizable by the fact they are constantly scratching at themselves, throwing up clouds of irritated green skin. The itching actually doesn’t seem to bother them much and the goblins with the biggest patches of dry skin or open sores are considered the best of the Itchy Paws.

Dander isn’t the only thing this sect of Zarongel worshipers have going for them. They are also by far the best goblin dog riders amongst their tribes. The Itchy Paws can goad their beasts into maneuvers most goblins can only dream about. Their trick riding capabilities are amazing, and most even manage to survive the suicidal feats they push themselves and their mounts to. When a goblin tribe needs shock troops to get the most done with the fewest casualties, the Itchy Paws are the ones they call.

Goblins amirite? Maybe your next sharp-toothed pyromaniac will be a worshiper of Zarongel and a member of one of these sects. Or maybe you have some other ideas. What does your devotee of the Goblin Hero-God do? How does he show his dedication to this demonic being?

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