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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Casualties of War

Adherents of Dalenydra
Dalenydra, the Blessed Attendant; Empyreal Lord of battlefield healing, caregiving, and sanctuary. Most people that have met her followers see nurses and combat healers, folk that have forsaken violence. But is that all there is to the followers of Dalenydra or can they be much more? Sitting at our hypothetical gaming table I pose the question to you once again: If you had to make a character whose central concept was worship of the Empyreal Lord, what would you make? The character does not need to be a divine caster, they just need to work toward the Dalenydra’s goals.

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The Burdened

Not all who follow the Blessed Attendant are pacifists by nature. Many who seek the gifts of the Empyreal Lord were once warriors on the frontlines of battle. These former soldiers know full well that physical wounds are not the only damage inflicted by war. The horrors of war can affect the psyche of even the strongest fighter.

The Burdened take it upon themselves to give aid to those who have trouble acclimating to society after they have retired from service. Each member has been a combatant and the group does not accept any who have not seen battle. Each member is also burdened in some way by their time in service, facing their own inner battles with nightmares, phobias, and overwhelming anxiety. As they have learned to deal with their own problems, so too they seek to help those who are suffering alone.
The Burdened keep a number of small hospices where those who feel they need to be separated from the rest of society can retreat. However, most members of the sect are itinerant and travel from place to place in search of those who need their help. The Burdened can be found any place there is still war and have been found in number in Medev, Last Wall, as well as both sides of warring Molthine and Nirmathas.

The Silkworm Saviors

A small sect of Dalenydra worshipers in the lands of Tian that breed silkworms for the cultivation and processing of silk to make magical bandages. The Silkworm Saviors have master a process of magically imbuing the silkworms themselves giving their silk divine properties even before they are infused with the Savior’s own magic. The secret is closely guarded, and although they have sworn oath of non-violence they will take up arms to defend their silkworm charges and the process itself.

The Last Line

Across Golarion the followers of the Blessed Attendant are known for their oaths of non-violence. Thus it always comes as a shock when members of the Last Line wade into battle and begin fighting with the ferocity of a cornered animal. The members of the Last Line arrive when they find that a battle will do more harm than good. In the lands of Mothune and Nirmathas they have taken the field on more than a half dozen occasions.

The Last Line seems anathema to the teachings of Dalendyra until it is realized that they never make lethal attacks. The warriors of the sect have mastered the art of glancing blows, and combat maneuvers. Their goal is to end a battle not end the lives of those within it. To many, any battle may seem pointless but the Last Line understand that they cannot be everywhere at once, thus they pick specific battles which they believe will shed to much innocent blood on both sides.

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