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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Money Is the Root of All Evil

Followers of Mammon

Mammon, Hell’s accountant; the Archdevil of Avarice, watchfulness and wealth.  As the ruler of the third level of hell, Mammon is just under Dispater and Asmodeus himself in terms of power and influence. There is some information on his mortal high priestess Lady Kaltessa Iyis of Isger but little else is known of the Archdevil’s worshipers. Overlooked are his ties to Thassilon and the fact he belongs to the Kobold Pantheon as well. So who are the other earthly followers of Mammon and what are his cults like?

The Coin Tenders 

Although most people see Cheliax as the land of Asmodeus, in truth Daibolism is the state belief system. Yes Asmodeus is by far the archdevil with the largest following, and the rest of the Golarion sees Cheliax as his domain. However,  the other Archdevils do have their own followers and cults within the country. Mammon has found a home among the money crunchers of the Land of the Devils. His most dedicated supplicants call themselves The Coin Tenders.

The Coin Tenders know that Mammon will never have enough power to oust Asmodeus, but he does have his sights set on the realm above his: the iron city of Dis. The tenders move money around like no one else can and they also  know how to make money disappear. The tenders have been preparing for war since the house of Thrune took control. They’ve not only been using the funds to further Mammon’s goals within the borders of Cheliax, but have also been funneling money to Isger to aid Lady Iyis’ endeavors as well.

The Hoarders

What’s mine is mine, and what’s your is mine, that is the motto of The Hoarders of Korvosa. Most people think that the Otyughs are the only things to worry about in the sewers Korvosa, but in the secret tunnels in the darkest corners live the wererats that comprise The Hoarders. Unlike many sane people, each of the members of the group have voluntarily chosen to become a wererat. In gaining the power that comes with being a Lycnathrope they also dedicate themselves to greed and Mammon.

The founder of The Hoarders was a street kid who grew to be a priest in the church of Asmodeus. He had an overwhelming need to collect that which he never had when he was growing up and his greed eventually led him to become a heretic. Mammon called to him and promised him power, but in return he needed to prove his loyalty. His act of dedication was to take on the form of Mammon’s chosen animal, the rat.

The Hoarders are now one of the leading groups of thieves in all of Korvosa, except no one knows about them. Theft for them is not so much about stealing as it is about owning. They don’t just take money they take items that are important to the people who own them, especially worshipers of Asmodeus. Each Hoarder is hand picked and offered the chance to join. They must choose the change willingly, or die by denying it.

Kobold Redscales

This cult of Mammon-worshiping koblods actually has no real name, although outsiders call them by the color of their scales. These kobolds are far more methodical and single-minded than even their other kin in Adoran. Their goal is material wealth but they succeed at this goal through constant toil. Their dedication sees them rise early and bed late filling all of their intervening time with work.

The Redscales are led by a high priestess of Mammon who uses her abilities to aid in the Kobold’s work day, and their collection of gems and precious metals. Unlike other kobolds this group does not take slaves, the work they do is part of their worship of the Open Palm. Also like many kobolds the Redscales make use of many traps to guard their treasure. Second only to the high priestess are the divine trapsmiths, and being posted to watch is considered one of the greatest honors.

Like many Devils, Mammon’s worship can grow in even the strangest places. These three cults are just a few examples of those who might follow the Lord of the Second.

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