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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kyton Demagouges

Kyton Demagogues, Kytons so powerful they have the ability to give divine power all their own. Many people mistake Kytons for Devils, but they are once-mortal souls that exist on the plane of shadows. They were previously banished to hell, but they escaped and are now some of the favored servitors of the evil god Zon-Kuthon, who resides on the shadow plane. The church and worship of Zon-Kuthon includes some deference to tortured souls; but who would choose to worship one directly and why? Information on these creatures is scant—not even what domains they would give. Today we’re going to take a look and those who would surrender to darkness, torture, and transformative pain.

As we sit at our hypothetical gaming table and our GM tells of the game we will play, he tells us we will all be worshipers of one of the Kyton Demagogues. In your imagination what is the character you make? They do not need to be a divine spell caster, just a mortal whose goals are aligned with one of these beings, working their will here on the material plane.

For what little information there is on these powerful Kytons check here:
Kyton Demagogues Pathfinderwikipage 

First I want to talk about the worship of Kyton Demagogues and their connection to the worship of Zon-Kuthon. I imagine they are like his saints, each with province over a specialized portion of his portfolio. Where all the clerics of the Midnight Lord gain power through him, he doesn’t have time to answer every calling from every one of his followers; some things are just beneath him. To that end, in the outlands and backwoods of places controlled by the Prince of Pain’s followers, common folk invoke the name of one of the Kyton Demagogues to get things done.

Minor clerics, oracles, warpriests, and inquisitors might all channel the power of these Kytons. So too might folk who Zon-Kuthon did not believe worthy of his power but who still wish to serve him in some means. Even backwoods Witches, Druids, and Adepts may channel some of the Demagogue’s power in service to the one piece of his portfolio that The Dark Prince has the Kyton enforce. While Zon-Kuthon’s high priesthood controls the grand designs of their god on Nidal, the Kyton Demagogues worshipers keep everything else in order.

Because I see the worship of the Kyton Demagogues more as a philosophy than direct power from one god, something akin to real-world Santeria, I have decided they have a pool of domains from which their can choose.
Darkness (Night)
Death (Murder)
Destruction (Torture)
Evil (Kyton)
Law (Kyton)
Madness (Nightmare)

The Ladies of Transformative Pain

This dark sisterhood believes that the only way to truly serve Zon-Kuthon is to become a Kyton when their soul leaves the material plane. They spend their entire existence sequestered within the black abbey where they revere the Kyton Demagogues for their ability to become more with each cleansing of the flesh. They particularly call upon the guidance of Fharaas, The Seer in flesh, and Sugroz, The Voice in screams.

Many worshipers of Zon-Kuthon take pleasure in the torture of others. The Ladies of Transformative Pain feel that torture is the true path to Kyton metamorphosis, and not all are worthy of the horrid delights. Under their simple dark robes the Ladies sport torn, battered and bruised flesh. Some have even taken to the practice of grafting new body parts onto themselves as many Kytons do. Necrografting has become one of the specialties of the sisterhood.

The Shadow Mastiffs

The inquisitors of the Midnight Lord enforce the greater will of Nidal’s patron deity, but not every sinner can be hunted down by the Umbral Court’s minions. The Shadow Mastiffs pick up where the court’s enforces leave off. Although they have some inquisitors of their own, most of the Mastiffs are keen-eyed investigators, hardy woodland trackers, and those with “the sight.”

This group thinks of itself as an arm of Nidal’s enforces, but truly they are little more than a lynch mob who consider themselves judge, jury, and executioner. Many call upon the power of Inkariax, The White Death and Raetorgash, The Skull-Hoarder. These murderous Kytons revel in the acts of brutality that the Shadow Mastiff’s perform. The Mastiffs sow seeds of fear by displaying the remains of their prey to deter anyone from crossing whatever imaginary line the Mastiff’s created, which also goes far in pleasing their inscrutable lords.

Seekers of the Little Death

A very small group of only half a dozen or so ecstatics who bow to but one of the Kyton Demagogues, Barravoclair, Lady of the Final Gasp. These supplicants spend their existence trying to almost kill themselves. The Seekers believe the path to serving Zon-Kuthon in the afterlife is to constantly touch the shadow plane with their mortal souls. In rituals dedicated to Barravoclair these suicidal worshipers end their lives, momentarily, and in as many new and creative ways as possible. Status among the seekers is gained by either the number of little deaths one has experienced, or the length one stays dead before returning.

The supplicants of the Kyton Demagogues thrive in the darkness, and here are but a few of those who might dedicate themselves to these beings. It is a harsh life, but so is anything that has to do with Zon-Kuthon and his dark minions.

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