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Friday, February 26, 2016

Character 26 - Menadiric Holyoak

Our orphaned elf, a onetime burglar, servitor to someone in power, and worshiper of the god of magic Nethys needs to come to life. High intelligence and finely honed physical prowess gives us a lot to work with. His lack of willpower, and either abrasiveness or just plain ugly, gives us some flavor as well. Now just to place all the pieces of the puzzle to get the clear picture.

Although much of what I do is based on story, sometimes you have to work the mechanics into the story. This is an important part about the game that I think some people forget. Mechanics are important and shouldn’t be considered a dirty word. To that end here are some mechanical choices I made for the character that may be important:

Alt Racial Traits

I replaced pretty much all the standard Elven Traits; Keen Sense, Elven Magic and Weapon Familiarity and picked up two replacements.

Urbanite: Elves who live in cities for more than a century can grow to know the ebb and flow of social situations just as their forest-dwelling cousins know the rules of the wild. Elves with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Sense Motive checks made to get a hunch about a social situation.

Forlorn: Elves raised outside of elven communities—are accustomed to other races' brevity of life. Although they lose the opportunity to train in traditional elven arts, these elves pick up a bit of their adoptive parents' skills. They gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat.


Magic is Life



I’ve decide to go with the Witch class, specifically the Alley Witch archetype, ad so Ive rolled on the Witch random background chart.

Witch Training: [Gifted] You received your magical ability as a gift from a supernatural being, such as an angel, devil, god, ancient dragon, or powerful fey. This creature expects you to act on its behalf in exchange for the power it loaned you.

Menadiric Holyoak

Menadiric’s family had lived among the Taldane people since the great exodus, and although his parents had given him and his younger sister Taldane names they still retained their elvish last names. Their surnames are the last thing that Menadiric’s parents left them when they both died in a horrible fire that consumed the small hovel they occupied on their Lord’s estate. Ninety may seem almost venerable to humans but elvish Menadiric was barely just a child, and his sister even younger.

Not really knowing how to deal with elven ‘children’ that were older than him, the liege lord sent them off to an orphanage. The orphanage, however, was also ill prepared to deal with them and in less than a year the elven children were living out on the streets. Because most of the humans in the trade city of Yanmass understand little of elven biology, it was easy enough for Menadiric to get himself a job with a merchant as a runner, a step up from the life of a peasant that his parents had.

Running all over Yanmass gave the young elf a unique understanding of the trade city, every street, every alley, every building became a part of Menadiric’s existence. It also meant that Menadiric interacted with people in many circles, including some who lived outside the law. The elven adolescent fell in with the wrong crowd and began using the fact most people assumed he could be in places most people shouldn’t to help his new friends acquire certain items.

Menadiric was enjoyed his life as a part time thief, more because of thrill than the money. At least, he enjoyed it until he got caught red-handed. The pleasure of his own thrill had taken him away from his sister, failing her when she had no one else. The strict laws of the Taldan trade city meant that Menadiric was imprisoned for his crime, and as a non-noble this may have been a life sentence if the son of the lord his parents served – now himself a lord – did not step up for him. The young lord, who had become a master of law, pushed for trial by combat. It was a trial which Menadiric won, but not without acquiring a horrible scar that disfigured his once-perfect face.

The lord that Menadiric remembered only as a child, of course, had his own motives. The price for making it possible to walk free was to serve the lord for as long as he lived. The lord needed someone who could perform tasks around the city without raising suspicion, someone to be his eyes and ears around Yanmass and keep him informed. This was a task almost uniquely suited to Menadiric, and the added bonus of a home off the streets for his sister meant it was a deal worth honoring.

Once again Menadiric spent his days roaming Yanmass and getting to know its streets and byways. This time the experience was different, more visceral, as if he could feel the city in his bones. He could sense the mood of its people and of the city itself as if it were a living breathing person. One night in his dreams he met with a Taldan woman who dressed in a mix of Taldan and Kelesh garb. She told him that her name was Yanmass and she was the city, that she needed him to help keep the balance of the streets. Although hazy, Menadiric understood and when he awoke there was a large rat sitting on his bed. He knew he now served two masters, his lord and Yanmass herself.

When the liege died Menadiric was released as per the agreement, and as a freeman he returned to the city proper. His sister had taken up the life of a seamstress, for which he was very proud. Menadiric even found some happiness, another Forlorn who could look past his scars and sometimes abrasive demeanor. He saved the woman from being mugged and beaten on the streets of his city and she has not left his side since. Now only beholden to his family and the city of Yanmass, Menadiric serves his purpose as the balancing force of his home.

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