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Friday, February 19, 2016

Character 25 - Yvvietta Blunderpop

So our female Gnome with the high Dex and high Wis looked me in the eye and said I’m a Gunslinger. So who was I to argue? A roll on Gunslinger training chart got me a roll that has Gnome written all over it. I can just see the glee in a Gnomes sparkling eyes when the pop of black-powder weapon fires.

Gunslinger Training: [Shock and Awe] The sound and fury of gunfire is as potent a weapon as the pellets and bullets your weapon discharges. You live for the reflexive wince that others make when they jump at the sound of a firearm, and laugh heartily at the amazement you inspire in others with your cacophonous black-powder weapons.

(Trait) Startling Report

Yvvietta Blunderpop

The Five Kings Mountains, home to one of the largest populations for dwarves on the face of Golarion. And home to Yvvietta’s mother, and possibly father. Dwarves may seem dour and to lack the ability to have a good time, but as hard as they work Dwarfs also play hard and respect proficient entertainers. Yvvietta’s mother keeps the dwarves toes tapping as one of the most sought after singers in their small town.

One of the other traits dwarves are well known for is their xenophobia. Although most dwarves understand the need to deal with outsiders, some even welcome contact with other races. But those who do subscribe to the creed of isolationism are a very vocal minority. As a child Yvvietta was bullied for being different, for being not a dwarf. The young Gnome had only her mother to turn to but even she could not ease the pain the bright haired girl felt.

Although she followed in her mother’s footsteps, with a voice almost silky smooth, Yvvietta never felt the life of bard was for her. She had a fascination with all of the great dwarven inventions. If it had a lever, a gear or a pulley Yvvietta had a desperate need to understand how it worked. A regular around the workshops in the town, the gnome became an apprentice almost by default.

Yvvietta’s mentor was an older dwarf who was even from the Five Kings Mountains, having emigrated from Alkenstar to settle in the more traditional homeland of his people. He taught her everything she needed to know about mechanical devices and her zeal even got him to teach her about something he thought he’d left behind, guns. The elder dwarf wasn’t just a gunsmith in Alkenstar but he was a renown gunslinger in his former home, lessons which he taught the inquisitive young gnome.

With her new found martial ability Yvvietta wanted to put herself to the test and sought to join the town guard. She was rebuked from this goal for many reasons; being a gnome, distrust in firearms and the fact that many of the guards were those who bullied her as a child. Chided by these former bullies for her unorthodox style, the green-eyed monster of jealousy grew. Seeing those who despised her succeed where she wasn’t even given a chance drove her to take it out on these soldiers. Using the dwarves own need for tradition and law against them to get them dismissed from service.

Filled with regret Yvvietta made up her mind to take to the road. She swore to herself to uphold her personal code of honor as she sought to make amends for her faults. Like her mentor she trusted only in the gun, her faith coming from the thunder issued as fired. Always looking to better both herself and her weapon, a gift from her mentor the gunsmith.

And there you have it folks a disparate bundle of information turned into a living breathing character. For my further musings on firearms check out Loaded for Bear and my group of itinerant gunslinger worshipers of Lorris.

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