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Friday, February 12, 2016

Character 24 - Kaeshu Weepingoak

A sylph from a Garundi family, incredibly tough, very smart, and likable. So what class do we choose for the Lawful Good worshiper of Iomedae? Well there is a sylph-only wizard archetype called the Wind Listener and I think that fits well with the stats and the other rolls on the background table. But I’m gonna throw the wizard table roll into the mix.

Wizard Training: [Gifted Pride] Your affinity for magic has made you somewhat crass and arrogant, though some find your blunt disposition charming or worthy of respect. The air of superiority surrounding you is palpable and allows you to use your intellect to cow others at times when lesser individuals might barely get a word in.

Possible traits
(Trait) Bruising Intellect

Kaeshu (Ka-EE-shoo) Weepingoak

The fight against the demons in the Worldwound have brought holy warriors from around the world to the land of Mendev. Kelesh knights for the Dawnflower, Varundi martial arts Masters, Tian dragon sorcerers, and even warriors for the lands of the Garundi. Kaeshu’s family came with the warriors of their homeland as cooks and settled in Mendev near the star keep where their lords could be close to the battle.

Kaeshu was born on their lord’s homestead farm while he was crusading in the worldwound. Her father watched on as her mother gave birth near their meager residence, beneath a sagging old oak tree that sometimes wailed like a keening child when the wind gusted through its branches. When the child was born with a full head of sky-blue hair, they knew there would be something special about her. The blood of the air elemental had not been seen in the clan for many generations, but it was not unheard of and stories of such prevailed in the family’s oral history.

As Kaeshu aged she began to show signs of affinity to the wind, even so much as to develop cantrips on her own though she had no formal wizardly training. She was the object of speculation among her peers, but Kaeshu knew that she was destined for greater things and never shied away from saying so. When she was of age, she apprenticed with the wizards who used their magic to protect the borders and the Star Keep itself.

During her tenure with the wizards Kaeshu often indulged her compulsion to prove she was the best, and was constantly challenging the other apprentices to one contest or another. She usually stacked the deck in her favor and came out on top time and again. Her need to prove herself meant she never backed down from any challenge and when one of the other peasant children challenged her to a test of knowledge she had to accept. When she realized the boy might be smarter than her, she secretly used her magic to steal the information she lacked and win the contest.

Kaeshu’s pride and sense of superiority was seen as a good thing by her teachers, it meant she was focused and determined. She took naturally to spells dealing with wind and knowledge, however, her pride again would change the course of her life. A traveler came to the school, a man known only as the wandering sage, and he sought out the best of the school students. He tested them all and Kaeshu, as usual, came out on top. But the final challenge was to face the sage. The sylph was not only soundly defeated, she was humiliated in front of the entire gathering.

In her shame Kaeshu left the school and her home. With nowhere else to go, she followed the wandering sage. She didn’t go directly with him but trailed his route as he traveled, often reaching the destination a day or two later. She would then spend her time trying to discover what knowledge he uncovered before her. On occasion, when she wasn’t careful, she would cross paths with the wanderer. Though he should have been startled by her presence, he would simply ask her what she had learned on her journey. It wasn’t until their last meeting that he told her about the wind; that to become what she was truly meant to be, she must change like the wind.

Decades later Kaeshu brought all her knowledge home. Her father lived well into his 100s and spends his remaining days under the weepingoak, feeling the breeze. Her older sister has become the matron of the family with many sons and daughters now living on the old farmstead. But the wind, it calls to Kaeshu, and she only comes to visit in spurts. Her latest calling has been to travel with the warriors of her family’s lord into the worldwound, for even there she can hear the voice of the wind.

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