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Friday, February 5, 2016

Character 23 - Standing-Stone

A strong, smart, charismatic half-orc; that all screams paladin to me. So today you get to meet the Abadarian half-orc paladin I made from Monday’s random rolls.

The Shadde-Quah or Axe Clan of the Shoanti are not known for their acceptance of outsiders. The hardy seafaring people don’t much appreciate change or variance. Even when you are born into the tribe, if you are different you are shunned. Such was the life for Standing-Stone’s parents among the people. Both Half-Orcs born of violence, they naturally took to each other as they were kept on the outside of the clan. And when their first child, a daughter, was born of full-orc blood their situation only worsened.

Looking to put distance between themselves and the tribal home of the Calphiak Mountains, the Half-Orc parents and their Orcish child left the lands of Varisia all together. The family trekked south as tales of the free land of Nirmathas spoke of a kingdom where one’s status was determined by their actions, not their heritage. They settled in a small town on the Tournadel River, near the border of Lastwall, wedged between the Northern and Southern Fangwood. It is here in these new lands that Standing-Stone was born.

Unlike his sister, Standing-Stone was born a half-breed like his parents. He was premature and sickly, and the midwife thought the child would never survive. But against the odds, he did. He grew up listening to the tales his father told, not just to him but to the whole town. His parents place as lore keepers among the Shadde-Quah translated quite nicely to a job as entertainers in a trading town’s main inn. His love of tales and his scrawny stature saw Standing-Stone, at the time called Slender-Reed, dive into book learning.

While his big sister took well to the fighting arts early, Standing-Stone spent much of his time reading and watching people. He made friends easy and he attracted others to confide in him. Growing up he spent much time as the ear to Four-finger Fezik, a Kelesh thief who came to Nirmathas to escape an uncertain future. The “reformed” criminal often regaled the young half-orc with tales of his own daring crimes. More importantly, he imparted life lessons and taught him how to pay attention to more than just the outward actions of people.

Standing-Stone should have learned these lessons better as he failed to see the true motives of Fezik. When the “ex”-thief’s past caught up with him, his friend managed to convince his pursuers of a greater bounty on the half-orc’s family. Fezik made his escape as the bounty hunters went to Standing-Stone’s household. Unaware of the ruse and defending against an unprovoked attack the young man’s mother was felled before the truth could come out. Because of Fezik, Standing-Stone lost his mother.

As he grew up and became a man, the half-orc hit a growth spurt. His strength became the talk of the town, although he still had a bit of a glass jaw. On his 14th birthday he lost his childhood name of Slender-Reed and became Standing-Stone. Being on the border of Lastwall and near the Hold of Belzkan meant orc attacks happened on occasion. Standing-Stone’s parents apprenticed the now strapping boy to a local priest of Gorum, following in his sister’s footsteps.

Standing-Stone didn’t take very well to the teachings. The chaotic nature of the god was abrasive to the sensibilities the half-orc had gained while his nose was buried in a book. There were many offense to the Gorumite and the apprentices were meant to carry out the punishments for these. Being tasked with the lashes of another apprentice who had failed to stand against the insurmountable odds of some local bullies was the last straw for Standing-Stone. The half-orc himself “failed” to properly apply the punishment and left the service of the Gorumite with no regrets.

The young man, now adrift, began searching for his place in the world; and with many travelers and traders coming through the small town on the river he had many paths to follow. What he knew of religion had left a sour taste in his mouth, so it surprised his parents greatly when he took up with some Abadarian warriors he met at the inn where his father worked. The sense of order and dedication spoke to Standing-Stone and he signed on to fight in the service of the knights in Lastwall.

During battles against the Orcs of Belzkan, Standing-Stone showed that his strength as well as his intellect could turn the tide. He began to make a name for himself, and when the Lord of the First Vault bestowed upon him the ability to smite the evil attacking the borders many of the aspiring paladins were in awe. Standing-Stone accepted the trust his god had imparted upon him, and dedicated himself even further to all that was right and good in the world.

Having served his term as a defender of Lastwall, Standing-Stone has returned home. His sterling reputation preceded him, something that he takes maybe a little too much pride in. The half-orc knows not what his god has planned for him, but he awaits the call of the Judge of the gods for whatever he sees fit.

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