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Monday, January 18, 2016

Random Roll 21 - The Randomness

Last week’s first poster Robert H Nichols gave us Gnoll as the challenge race for this week. To tell the truth I’ve always liked gnolls and I’m especially fond of them on Golarion.  The RNG went a little under this time a 14pt buy, but I enjoy the challenge. Gnolls tend to be from line fighters but the low Str and Dex our Gnoll may not be. But he is Durable, Charismatic and Wise so where can we go with that.

Age: 17
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 256 lbs.

Str 9
Dex 11
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 14

Homeland: Gnoll Settlement
Parents: Both of your parents are alive.
Siblings: You have 2 biological siblings.
- biological younger brother
- biological older brother
Circumstance of Birth: [Prophesied] Your birth was foretold, as recently as during the last generation to as far back as thousands of years ago.
Parent's Profession: Serfs/Peasants
Major Childhood Event: [The War] You grew up against the backdrop of a major military conflict that affected much of your childhood world. You became accustomed to a short food supply, living in occupied territory, and moving from place to place. Several of the people you knew in your childhood were lost in the war, including members of your family.
Influential Associate: [The Pariah] You met a disgraced exile, and found in his words and attitudes something that spoke to you. What once seemed true in your religion, society, or family began to appear false the more time you spent with this person, and you quickly learned not to trust everyone you meet—especially among those who would claim to be most deserving of it.

Conflict: [Destruction] You destroyed someone else’s property. CP: 6
Conflict Subject: Noble. CP: 0
Conflict Motivation: Pleasure. CP: 5

Romantic Relationship(s): [A Few Significant Relationships] You’ve tried to make deep connections with individuals on several occasions, but it’s never worked out.
Drawback: [Material Wealth] You have a weakness for material things—money, fine jewelry, exquisite foods, expensive or rare items, and so on. When such riches are within your reach, you’re driven to possess them, and you claim them either as an honest collector or a cunning thief.

Possible Traits/Story Feat

(Trait) Civilized
(Trait) Kin Guardian
(Trait) Poverty-Stricken
(Trait) Prophesied
(Trait) Suspicious
(Trait) Vagabond Child
(Trait) Well-Informed
(Story Feat) Deny the Reaper
(Drawback) Avarice

Now the best part of this is that you have a five days to tell me what you would do with all this information? I’ll take something as simple as a race/class combo. If you want to put in a small background you can go for it as too. Show me how creative you can be within the confines of these rolls.

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