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Friday, September 18, 2015

Character Fifteen: Americ Frisk

In the shadow plane Abasalom is one of the view cities to have a representation there that is inhabited and thriving. A lot of trade goes on between Abasalom and Shadow Abasalom and to the end many Fetchlings move from their home plane to the city of the Starstone. One such transplant is the shadowsilk weaver Uven Frisk.

Frisk came with his wife and in his time as a successful weaver in human city he has expanded is family. A boy and two girls at first graved the Frisk family. But it was the fourth child, born with a streak of silver hair, which really brought the Frisk’s family attention. The elder of the Kayal, what fetchlings call themselves, saw great promise in the silver haired boy child and took him from his family to learn at the elder’s feet.

Amric Frisk was different from even his earliest memory. The young boy would talk to things that weren’t there, claiming to speak for invisible people from the past of the fetchling people. Worst still he would correct the elders on matters of history and language because the “people” explained why they were wrong.

After years of frustration the fetchling elders sent Armric back to his family, and that’s when his education really began. When he returned home on his first day a gruff older fetchling, one of the few who Amric had ever seen grow a beard came calling. He sat with the boy and explained that his ‘people” weren’t just any “people” they were connections to all the lives Amric had lived before. He was the reincarnation of many great fetchling heroes and he too would become such.

The woodsman was a loner but Amric’s past selves long for his family. Part of being connect to all that it meant to being a fetchling in the past meant that Amric needed to stay connect to the people in the now. Amric eventually left the woodsman and lived with his family and his past selves in Abasalom. He even took a lover and lived the perfect life as a beacon to his people. A perfect life that could never last.

Remember the first person to post a race (Core or featured), that will be the race I use for my next randomly rolled character.

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  1. Arven Ehtris Neutral Good {Stygian}-Slayer10/{PrC}-Shadowdancer.

    If one tries they can remember far back into there past, Arven can remember very far back to the long since gone childhood years of himself as a young boy running through the streets, alley ways, and roof tops of the city he called home Absolom. Now while the city was not his true family origin he did spend most of his youth within its walls. Arven in fact came with his family from the Shadow Plane, how or why they were sent there is any scholars guess all that was truly know is that one day hundred of thousands of Kayal appeared in the city as though from nothing. These exiles were given stay within the city so long as they did there part to maintain it. This allowed Arvens parents to apply there trade and make an honest if not meager living as merchants despite a fair prejudice to there kind.

    Arven would spend most of his time traversing the vast city and climbing its many tall buildings seeing most of the great metropolis in a perspective they could not even imagine. It soon became apparent to his mother and father that there son, despite there five other children, was not suited for the merchants life what with having such a "high" taste for adventure. And so it was that the Ehtris boy came under the wing of his fathers brother who, being a member of a Kayal neighborhood watch, taught his nephew how and when to use a blade.

    More years past and as Arven grew so to did the contempt for his people. It was being said that the Fetchlings were taking jobs and lucrative prospects away from native Absolom citizens and hoarding them for themselves despite the constantly growing threats and often times attacks the Kayal faced. Still he was able to find at least some acceptance in the budding young romance of an Elven girl from the banking district who he likewise showed an affection towards by occasionally skipping out on his community duties to spend long evenings with her simply watching the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Yet when Shadow Portals begin to pop open and closed across the city it was no wonder that many humans cried out for Fetchling exile. A decree was made to return all Kayal citizens to there native plane which cause several riots among Arvens people as they were mostly driven from there home and corralled toward portals held open by magical means. In all the chaos and madness many people became separated from one another, it was all Arven could do to find his Uncle and even when he did he found he had to defend himself against "clean up" mobs tasked with finding any remaining Fetchlings in the city. After several freys Arvens Uncle lost his life stepping in front of a sword trust that did little to save his nephews life as the blade ran through them both.

    Arven was dying, had died, with his Uncle barely within in his reach as they struggled to comfort each other....and yet here he was. Beyond all odds Arven had come back. He knew he had died because he'd felt it happen. There was no denying that life had left him and he awoke with a great meed for air naked and alone in the city streets. Painfully he tried to recall what had happened when he passed away but all he could see in his minds eye was a shifting blacker than black mass shroud everything. Something had reach out from the void and touched Arven in his moment a fleeting life for he could feel some inky passenger follow him as close as he was to himself. He knew something had changed about him and over the years to come he would in part come to know what it was as his abilities began to manifest from him especially when shadows were close.

    Having no home to call his own anymore Arven wanders and applies his talents in search for answers to a question he never wanted to ask all while hoping that along the way he'll find his family again.