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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Character Two: Brannar Truefist - Dwarf

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Before we get into it, here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

After much debate with myself I decided to go with Warpriest, also in the ACG like the class chosen for the previous character. I went with the Sacred Fist archetype. As noted in the background he is a follower of the dwarven god Kols and has the blessing of Law and Nobility.

Born Brannar Minesweeper to a poor family in Five Kings Mountains, young Brannar learned very quickly the harsh realities of poverty. The older of two brothers he saw his family live hand to mouth in the slums around the keep of one of the lesser dwarven lords. His father toiled in the mines but was always chipper regardless of how little they had, a trait that young Brannar never understood. All of this led Brannar to grow up bitter for his place in life.

In his early adolescence he fell in with a bad crowd. A gang of other young dwarves who figured the only way to make it was to take what they wanted. They didn't see that the people they hurt the most were other poor dwarves who were the victims of their extortion and theft. The gang of hoodlums would occasionally find bigger prey when wealthier merchants would get lost finding their way to the keep. One such merchant, a tall mongrelman from one of their nearby settlements fell victim to the gang having his good ransacked. Brannar felt badly up until he had extra helpings of food on the table for his two younger brothers.

Seeing his slow slide into the darkness of crime his father sought aid from within the family to help with his unruly child. His father's uncle, an elder dwarf came to speak with the boy, and speak he did. An adherent of Kols his great uncle spoke to Brannar about duty to one’s family, and honor for ones ancestors. He showed his great nephew what had become of some of his victims, other poor dwarves who suffered at the hands of the gangs in the slums. Finally he spoke to him of promises, and promised to show him a way out of his life of crime and into something more important.

Brannar spent the next few years training with his great uncle. Listening to the voice of Kols and becoming one with his deity’s vision. Brannars kin was no paladin or cleric, he walked a path as a weapon of his god, training in hand to hand combat, using his body to bring honor to all dwarves. Returning home Brannar, now known as Brannar Truefist, looks to right his wrongs and bring nobility to those not born of noble birth, in deed if not in status. He seeks to show the lawless that with law and honor their home and their families can be raised above their lowly conditions, for now he understands his father’s happiness in coming home to his family knowing he lived his life that day with honor and dignity.

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