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Friday, August 28, 2015

Character Twelve: Lung Bingci - Ratfolk

This was a tough one. First off where to go with a class. Investigator, Rogue and Wizard all seemed like good choices. A few people had suggested bard even with the charisma of only 13. But the other part was lore. I like to build my characters based on the lore of the world as well and I had to look at what little was already said about the Ratfolk here. And since I went with Tian Xia as the location I really wanted to use the Chinese analog stuff and I had to look up the equivalent of a Duke in China. But that’s the kind of research I like to do when building a character.

Only once in their existence have the Ratfolk been known to have a kingdom of their own. The empire of Diguo-Dashu which was driven back into the caverns of Sekamina after their deadly but failed war against the Imperial Lung Wa of Tian Xia. The Diguo-Dashu took dozens of cities and so when the empire was sealed back up into the Darklands many stragglers were left without a home, enemies of the state at worst, outcasts at best.

It was many years before the Ratfolk themselves began to create their own communities once more. Longer still before they had a home to call their own on the surface. In the Tengu controlled region of Kawnlai, the ruined City of the Whistling Sword became home to many descendants of the exiled Ratfolk of Diguo-Dashu. It was a start to make a new life.

The city in ruins was mostly disparate groups scrabbling over resources. Infighting among the Rats was common as many factions sought control. Finally war, if you could call it that, between a half dozen of the bigger families and organizations. When the dust settled Li Bingci, his family and allies stood victorious. Li claimed the title of Jueyin (roughly equivalent of Duke) and was recognized by the Tengu of the region.

Li Bingci had one son, Lung Bingci, heir to his throne and also a target. The younger Bingci was sent to live with his uncle outside of the City of Whispering Swords. Uncle Jin Po taught at one of the Academies in the human controlled lands of Tian Xia. Li sent his son not only to ensure the safety of the heir but also to educate his son in the art of magic, something the elder Bingci believed would help cement the power of his families rule.

Li’s early development was not easy he thought himself better than those who surrounded him. He would cheat his fellow students out of anything they were foolishly willing to bargain with. The younger Bingci thought because of his status that rules did not apply to him the way they did to the lesser students. This was very soon beaten out of him by Uncle Po when he became aware of his nephews activities.

Lin Po taught a very specialized school of magic. And Li was, not originally willingly, always at his side to learn. Many of the masters taught of the elements but Master Po taught of the non-element, the void. The connection between the heavens and the earths, the spiritual nature of all existence. Through these teachings Li Bingci learned how everything had a connection, even those of noble birth and those not. His duty when he would take the reins of power from his father would be to keep the City of Whispering Swords connected to the lands of the Tengu, to keep his people connected to each other and to create a balance between the heavens and the Ratfolk.

Does this fit with what you would have done? Excited about seeing a thriving city of Ratfolk in Tian Xia?

As ever we move forward. First person to post a race (Core or featured) that will be the race I use from my next randomly rolled character.

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