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Friday, August 14, 2015

Character Ten: Kokan Hybusa

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I hadn't really hashed out any mechanics this time around just that he is a base rogue but here is the tale of Kokan Hybusa.

Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

Born in Tian Xia but relocated to the Andoran port city of Augustana along with his family and a flock of other Tengu, Kokan Hybusa has always been a bird out of place. Bullied by his sister before they moved, bullied by the human children when he arrived in Avistan and all but forgotten as the middle boy of eight children by his parents. Life seemed ever so rough for the young Tengu. It didn't help that as he grew older he spent most of his time in books, absorbing as much knowledge as he could possibly get his wings on.

Kokan's search for knowledge didn't just stop at the temporal. He spent much time studying magic, although he had no aptitude for it, and religion as well. One of his early mentors was a Halfling sage named Ilsa Tanglebriar. The young Tengu would listen to her tales of the days she was a slave in Cheliax and her musings on the portents of the future. When asked about his future though she would furrow her brow and don a dour face, claiming not to be privy to that information.

Kokan was set to go off to study with masters in the Universities of Almas when he finished his studies in Augustana. But fate has a way of changing plans for you. Although he was very used to being bullied himself, now that his younger brother the, runt of the family was in school the bullies had started in on him. One day on the walk home Kokan's brother Takaaki was ambushed by a group of young thugs. Kokan ran to his aid and for the first time fought off attackers. Kokan was unaware of his own strength in in a fit of mindless rage one of the bullies fell, impaled on Kokan's beak.

Kokan was beside himself, he never intended to kill anyone. The bully's friends sought to slander him, but witnesses not the least of which was the Halfling seer Isla painted a better picture of his selfless act of defense. Still with the stain of death on his beak the offer to university fell though and Kokan was left with no future.

In the intervening years Kokan held a number of jobs and seemed ever the picture of the hardworking peasant. But in this time the Tengu was plotting and waiting. He kept his eyes open and his mind sharp, learning everything he could about the underworld of Augustana. Until one night he said his prayer to Calistria and took up a mask and a blade and stalked the streets. He stopped a mugging that first night at the cost of two broken ribs, but his true mission in life had begun. No more bullies, no more scavengers preying on the weak, just vengeance.

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