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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Character Six: Argus Holt

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Before we get into it here are the random rolls in case you forgot.

Alright so I'd chosen a class and what we're looking at here is a Ranger with the Freebooter Archetype. I rolled on the Ranger chart and got:

Detached Observer: You set yourself apart with a pall of cold logic that allows you to see weaknesses in members of your own race that you strive not to succumb to yourself. Most likely, you pick your own race as your dominant favored enemy, and you excel as a spy or assassin paid to capture enemies of your organization. You gain access to the Cold and Calculating combat trait.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Argus Holt

Argus Holt, son to a sailor and born with the elven blood of his mother's great grandfather running through his veins. Argus lived in a small coastal village, his father was away most of the time and his mother worked as a clothes washer for what little extra cash they could get. Life was quiet but it wasn't easy, and it got worse when his father's ship went down in a storm. The young half-elf who had already felt very alone became even more withdrawn and with his father's income gone he and his mother lived in near poverty.

Despite the fact his father died at sea, the waves always called to young Argus. From the time he chanced upon a school of Hippocamus at the age of ten, dreams of living on the water always traipsed through his mind. He hopped his first ship at 12 leaving his mother to see the world. He had a hard time connecting to the other sailors but he would watch and listen, often disgusted by what his own kind could get up to in their boredom. But despite humanity’s shortcomings, Argus longed for the acceptance of his peers.

One of the passengers during his first sea voyage was a young noble and his son. The aristocrat’s son seemed to be so good at everything; climbing the rigging, running the rails, tying knots, even helping to fend off a boarding party of Sahuagin. Argus tried to make friends in his own clumsy manner but the noble boy clearly felt superior to him. He took this as a challenge and swore to always push himself, always trying to be better than the young noble boy.

Being in close quarters with so many people for long periods left Argus with a need to clear his head during his time ashore. He began looking for other forms of solace and this led him to the church of Gozreh. Prevalent in every coastal city was at least a small church to the god of the wind and the waves. Dedicating himself to a life at sea Argus took Gozreh as his patron giving himself over as a waterborn and taking whatever the god could throw at him good or bad.

Now Argus has built at least a small reputation for himself as an able-bodied seaman. He was known to be an excellent helmsman even in the roughest storms, a child of every port of call. The Half-Elf ranger travels the world one boat at a time.

For some simple mechanics I gave him these traits:

Worldly social trait: Once per day when attempting a skill check for a skill you're untrained in, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Storm Pilot regional trait: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Profession (sailor) checks, and you treat the wind force of environmental wind effects (see Table: Wind Effects) as one step less powerful for the purposes of determining any penalties on ranged attacks and Fly checks as well as whether you would be checked or blown away.

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